VIP.... not so much

Really enjoyed the game till 4th level. Seemed an excellent way to experience classic dungeon crawling with some very well designed characters.
So I thought VIP, at £10.00 would keep the fun going.
Utter waste of money.
1 card pack, slightly better chests and barely any other benefits.
I feel that the advert on the top bar doesn’t really explain what your getting for your money. I thought I’d at least get a card pack every 24 hours.
Honestly I’d like a refund as it seems like money for nothing at this stage.
Most mobile games give way more than this.


Didn’t you see what the VIP deal offered before you decided to buy it? In my app I could clearly see all the benefits and extras.

Honestly if you enjoy the game spend the 10 bucks a month on gems. You would get 1000 gems which you could turn into 20k gold. Much more useful then the VIP membership.

I signed up to, mainly thinking I would get more gold from the packs since before I was a member almost every piece I opened had a VIP proc for extra gold.

Bought the VIP membership and all packs stopped procing the extra VIP card lol.

I’ve gotten a few decent VIP rewards in chests and whatnot, but I think overall gems for gold is a better value. Although I did roll a 20 on the VIP gem event in frostsilver and wound up with 720 gems. that was pretty epic. I think that you should get a VIP reward in every chest, not just 25% of the time (just a guess)