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VIP... now or later?

I have enough gift card money in my Apple account for 1 month of VIP. Should I do it now for March madness? Or is there a better time? I’m thinking I want that Pterodaustro too. I have one from the diamond spin wheel and would like it level 20 but it isn’t essential. Opinions?

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They usually have good discounts or something special around Easter time. Since it’s so close, you may want to wait. Maybe an older player can chime in to confirm.


If you can finish in Dominator, I would say to go for it now, there is a high likely hood that there will not be another VIP tournament for a couple of months.


Easter has like 40% or so off hatching, but you’ll need DB and DNA or eggs to take advantage of it.

Vip tournaments are a good time too.

The ever elusive vip week is also a good time.


I went for VIP a few hours after the Pterodaustro tournament started. So now I’ve got a level 20 (1st one I got for 6000$ on the diamond prize wheel). Thanks for the suggestions.