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VIP of the tournament

Who is your VIP this tournament?
Mine? Surprisingly, the turtle. I’m loving this adorable thing!

I’m loving the little dance it does when you use Dig In. Melts my heart.

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For me its carnotarkus. She does wonders.

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Nothing works for me…:grimacing:

Comptemplating to take it slow and play longer without paying… Convince myself to lose 10 battles straight in a row is immaterial cos no more a VIP nor buying incubators to upgrade .

For the mini tournament going on right now?

IndoG2 is the MVP. That thing shreds just about everything in its way.

I’m having a pretty fun time with a turtle too, as well as Brontolasmo and Phorusaura. Top 200 currently, hoping I can stick around.


Love all of my team. Sitting in the top 200 now as well. Good luck to everyone.

Carbonemys is a beast. Yeah the dig in animation is 10/10 lol.