ViP perks, need update


Just started playing, already level 4, but wow the ViP drone range increase doesn’t help at all really. Maybe increase it to 300m . The Spins give you hardly any more, I don’t see how this can be worth 10 a month… nothing special in the shop…this really needs reworked. Vip should do something better.
300m drone range
More dart space,
More dna from darts
Increase spawn of dinos like incents from Pokémon.
Increase range at witch you can spin stops.
Have more then 1 level of Vip…


Also be able to run two arena incubators at the same time


I agree with the suggestions above. For the monthly service, i feel like the VIP is lacking in any real advantage that is worth the fee. More icubators, carry more darts, increased supply crate range. Perhaps even lifting the green cash daily limit acquired from supply crates when in VIP.


I completely agree. I have thought about getting it, but don’t really see the point. All of the down points near my house are either in range normally, or wouldn’t be in range with VIP. And the supply drops are so far I would have to walk anyway, I don’t see the point in it, but if they updated the incentives to what you suggest I would 100% get VIP.


Yeah to be honest I signed up to it as some were just put of reach, but in hindsight it’s not really worth it at the moment, hopefully they’ll improve it.


Like everyone above I also agree.
I’m currently a VIP, more to support the game at the moment, but if it doesn’t improve, I will cancel it. I thought you get a epic crate each month, but it doesn’t actually clarify that which is a bit cheeky.


I think if I am to be paying for a memebership each month there has to be something to make me come back. Like a free rare incubator every week or a free epic incubator every month or even free 10$ pile of cash a day along with some darts and coins. I also agree that maybe the area should be extended to like 300 meters It has to be worth it if I’m your going to want me to keep paying a monthly membership.
Also maybe buying batteries should be an option.
And I would maybe like to see being able to move through my dinosaurs and see their infor with swiping I am not a fan of having to X out in order to go to the next Dino.


I disagree. VIP should be a small bonus but it should not be so great that it makes the game pay to win.


This is why I’m not spending 10 a month. For the benefits that are offered I’m thinking 2-3 dollars would be worth it. 10 dollars is a bit steep seeing as the perks are pretty crappy.


Completely agree. There should be a significant benefit for $10 per month. Vastly larger dart inventory, maybe double coins, extra DNA per dart and maybe a different bonus for good/great/excellent. The free incubator should have better contents for subscribers.

Another really great idea would be to have a drone for subscribers that can spin supply drops.


I’d like to see more for $10 a month myself. I paid this month to support the game but see almost no difference either given my location.

I don’t believe the following would be game breaking, but would give it value for my $10:

300m drone for Dinos
An increase of 100-200m or so to the blue area for getting drops (anyone who lives close to one would be tempted.)
Larger dart inventory by 100
Allowance to do two arena crates at a time. - on this one you still have to earn the crates, you can simply do 2 at a time instead of 1.

I don’t know about giving extra dna, crates or other items or cash shop stuff as this might lean toward p2w. The above would mainly benefit those who live in super rural areas or those who are unable to get out much/reach Dinos normally from their house or work. Or someone who lives close to a supply drop but perhaps just out of reach.


I agree. For the other game you would get a 50 dollar pack once a month so it’d be totally worth it if they just threw in one epic incubator a month.


Or honestly a rare two or three times a month would be fine also


VIP should be able to use drones to hit supply stops within their target range


Im VIP, and i agree with some points, but dont make the game p2w


For me the best thing is the 33% extra Drone battery.

I agree should get more for our money though.


Agree, check out my suggestion for the vip!


It is already p2w already in case you haven’t noticed, yet I do think VIP does need an improvement


Why u say that?
Not true


My ideas that I feel will make vip attractive but not Pay to win

20% Faster Incubation
8 Incubator Slots
Ability to give Dinosaurs nickname (so that others in arena can identify you as a human)
Scout Drone - Reveals dinosaurs in a 300m range that are normally hidden until one walks past them (needs time to recharge batteries each time so that its not abused)
Unlimited dart bag
+2 DNA per level instead of +1
Ablilty to join contract raids for gold rewards

I’m suggesting adding the above only because the player even with subscription will still need to put in the effort to play the game(like walk to the Dino/crate) . But with better quality of life abilities like scout drone and unlimited dart bag for all those darts one might collect in a single outing trip to hit all the stops in an area. You pay more to play more. That’s the way I feel Vip should be, not just blatantly rewarding epics and legendaries and cheapening the entire experience and ruining the gameplay. I feel a lot better if I see someone with an epic or legendary and know that this person had put in time, money and effort into it rather than only paid for it.