VIP player here. Packs or prize drop?

The last two weeks I’ve been doing the Prize drop and every other week before that I was doll just purchasing the 10k LP packs. I can’t decide which is more useful. This week I haven’t gotten anything besides the 60 and 34% drops. Last week I got a couple gold dinos and then the one diamond from finishing the fidelity reward system. One perk of doing prize drops is I’ve been able to save up 27,000+ LP. So I could save up a bit more and start doing both the prize drops and then purchasing a pack every once in a while.

What is everyone else’s preference as a VIP member? Would love some advice as I’m not sure which is going to progress me faster since the prize drop is kind of a gamble. Plus I have to spend DNA, food, and coins in order to finish the fidelity rewards.

I couldn’t find a thread that explains this. If there is one I apologize for making another. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Prize drop over 10k packs all day.

Think of it another way regardless of what you pull from the prize drop week by week your spending around 10k LP or less to reach diamond wheel, which guarantees you a vip creature (with a chance of a 50k creature) and guarantees you a tournament legendary creature aswell.

Anything else you gain is just a bonus along with the copious amounts of dna.


Prize drop for all of the resources you can gain, the guaranteed tourney and VIP plus the chance at additional dinos/packs throughout the week.
At the same time your accumulating LP to save up for the discount on VIP packs sometime in the future hopefully.


Awesome thank you guys. Appreciate the help! I’ll continue with the prize drops :slight_smile:


There are some old threads on here somewhere that details out how to approach the Prize drop for maximum benefit with minimum amount of resources. But like those above have said you have to take the totality of what comes in versus what goes out and then compare that to what you would have received with not doing the prize drop and just doing the pack.

Where I tracked this and analyzed this more than it probably needed: Prize Drop tracking

It has changed since this with slot 1 being able to do 11 tickets now instead of just 10, so now you don’t have to do the 3 tickets on Thursday if you do everything else the same. I still do one ticket on Thursday so I don’t have to wait until the second game refresh on Sunday to get the Diamond prize.