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VIP Plus Pack

Does anyone ever buy this pack? What are your thoughts on this one?

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I have purchased it twice and then twice more when it was on discount.

It contains all 50k vip creatures so really it’s only worth it after you’ve built up a good team of the 20k creatures.


Yeah it is a bit of a luxury in early stages, even for the mid and late stages too tbh. Lower level stats are similar to the ones on the 10k packs as far as I know.

Vip ferocity are all the same


Is there any way to get any of these VIP dinos ever if you aren’t a VIP? Some of them are needed for badges, so it is frustrating to have no means of obtaining them.

You can with enough bucks buy out diamond fidelity on the lottery, however this isn’t a guaranteed way of getting 50k vip creatures and not all are on this wheel, I believe metoposaur, pteradaustro and wheurosaur are on this wheel, I think this is the only way to obtain these as a non vip and buying out diamond fidelity is quite costly so you would probably need to save up bucks.

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Yes it is about 6000 DB a time. One for later in the game - unless I crack on the ‘no-VIP’ front. Thank you for the information.

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Also acrocanthosaur used to be a vip exclusive creature until it was downgraded to make way for tarbosaur, if ludia add another vip creature same thing might happen here aswell.

Out of curiosity what ones do you need for badge purposes? I know weurho is one of them

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Rhomaleo, Pterodaustro.

Pterodaustro, Wuerhosaurus, Rhomaleosaurus and Plotosaurus are all needed for 2 badges, Tusoteuthis Proceratosaurus and Metoposaurus count for 1 each. I might have missed one somewhere.

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I won a Pterodaustro from the diamond prize wheel. Boy was that an exciting moment! Then last Friday I used my Apple gift card to buy a month of VIP for a 2nd Pterodaustro.

I spent 35000 LP on this pack, and I got my first Sygimoloch, which is cool, but I really want Rhomaleosaurus and Tusoteuthis.

Btw the diamond prize wheel only ends up being like 2000 bucks if you are VIP and purchase the prize drop tickets every day to get past the gold prize prize wheel.

Stygimoloch is needed for 2 badges. One of the badges is literally just 1 Stygimoloch needed lol.

How much was it while on discount?

By the way if you are a VIP member the Diamond wheel costs 0DB if you do it correctly :wink:


I actually cant remember sorry, it will be on the forums somewhere

Hahaha! That’s amazing! I’ll follow your instructions and see if I can earn it without paying bucks lol