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VIP point glitch

I just logged in and I had 11k Lp points. I think I accidentally bought some sort of pack right when I logged In but I all of the sudden lost 30000 VIP points!!! Does anyone know what I can do to get those back?

Hello Lev_Friedman. I recommend reaching out directly to our team with your support key at so they can investigate. Thanks!

I emailed them but I didn’t send my support key. They never responded. Is this Becuase they think I’m faking and don’t have time for this or is it Becuase I never sent my support key. I said in the email I can send it to them if needed but have not gotten a response. Should I resend the email with support key? Thanks for answering by the way

Happy to help! As messages are responded to in the order that they come in, it can take a few business days sometimes for our team to see your message (depending on ticket volume). Sending an email with your key can often help, but rest assured they will respond even if you didn’t send your support key (and ask for it if needed).

Ok thanks so much. I spent more than a week trying to accumulate points and they just gotten spent right when I went into the game due to some sort of glitch. Hopefully I can get them back