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Vip points

If you buy the 50,000 vip pack, do you permanently unlock that vip Dino? If not, then what’s the point of spending 50,000 when you can spend 10,000 and get the same pack?

The 50000 point pack does not unlock. In fact, the VIP creatures are not currently available to unlock at all.

Whatever is being offered for 50000 pack is usually not available in the 10000 point pack. Additionally, even if it was available, and eventually it will be, it’s all about the guarantee.


@Andy_wan_kenobi is correct in that the 50k is usually an exclusive that is not yet offered in the 10k pack and sometimes you can’t get it anywhere other than the 50k pack. This is the main reason for purchasing this pack, the resources are better in the pack as well but that is not a deciding factor.

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Pretty much what everyone else said…

Just to caveat a little bit, it’s definitely a grind to max out those VIP creatures, particularly the 50K exclusive packs.

But don’t worry, it IS possible. I currently have all the VIPs maxed out and have been able to (barely) keep up enough VIP currency in the bank to have enough to max out every new VIP creature that comes out.

But if you think that’s a grind, the VIPs IMO don’t have anything on those SDNA creatures; particularly the Indoraptor. The only creatures I haven’t maxed out (but am really close to) are the 3x SDNA’s the Mammotherium hybrid (I’ve intentionally stopped at Level 30 for battle balancing purposes), and the newest legendary snow creature that hasn’t been made available yet (through an unlock event).

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