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VIP pop-up

Stop it,this lags my game.

Ludia are you trying the same marketing"tactic"like the JWTG’s changing place for VIP mystery pack?
So you’re trying to make me accidentally subscribe to VIP?
This is annoying Ludia,remove this pop-up

I’ve also noticed that if it comes up at exactly the same time as the ‘Going too Fast’ warning message, it freezes the app and you can’t close either and have to reset it completely.


I lose 1 utahraptor cause of this.which means,I lose 1 utasinoraptor fusion

Aye it’s so annoying. Like you can pop up as much as you like pal I’m not paying lol

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It would be nice if they would allow you to check a box that says “Do not show again” on the VIP ad, and also something on the speed warning so it stops popping up 100 times a day!


Or maybe you play for free so it’s acceptable to have an add like every other app where when you choose the free subscription they remind you that you can have some advantages when subscribing for premium.

Honestly if one pop-up has to go it’s the Owen one. Because if I said I’m not driving in the first place it won’t change 2min later…


I’m fine with both popups as long as them triggering simultaneously doesn’t freeze the app.

Yes that’s another problem indeed :sweat_smile:
I have this with scent ending at the same time of a reward screen. Restart needed

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