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VIP Price Change

I just payed for my subscription and it says it’ll increase on September 14th for me, but why the increase? Are you changing VIP?


Same for me. This is in Canadian dollars:

It was already expensive for what we get. Ingress only charges $5 USD a month for more perks (and Pokemon Go will soon be releasing a subscription service that will very likely be a similar price). Are the perks increasing? What makes it worth an extra dollar a month?

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Easy, the quality communication and “players first” mentality that Ludia is known for totally make this increase worthwhile! :rofl:


After the last update, I cancelled my VIP subscription. Nerfing all the resilents with no boost reset was basically stealing. All that time and money wasted… Ludia’s never getting another dime from me.


Why would anyone still pay for vip after the last week and the way Ludia have treated the players is beyond me :roll_eyes:


Same here…I was already tired of the swap meta and Ludia always doing same buff and nerf with new creatures. New update sealed it for me and quit VIP and the game…and not missing it one bit after reading all the ‘testa is broken’ comments. It’s all by design and tired of it.

Still gotta dart, get coins and DNA etc. Just because resilients were changed, doesn’t mean you can’t stock up on DNA. And my post was regarding the price change, nothing about boycotting it, there’s already a post for that.

Yes you can do all that without VIP can’t you ?

But VIP just makes it more easier, I don’t travel much so all I have is what’s in my ring, having a bigger ring has enabled me to dart things which I previously couldn’t. The daily battle incubator is not bad too.

But as I said this post was about the price increase not boycotting it.

What part of my comment said anything about boycotting ?

None just can’t see why anyone would still want vip after last week

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