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VIP Price Increase

Is this for real? All the bugs, glitches, people unable to play, and the price of VIP is going UP?

I’ve cancelled my VIP subscription. I’m not paying extra for a game that many of my friends can’t even log into, that takes several attempts for raid invites to work, and still has many of the same glitches it had when I started playing.


I wonder if anyone from the US has gotten notification of a price change. Ours is $9.99 currently but I didn’t see anything showing it would change. I cancelled mine as well after this disaster of an update.


Also in Europe :angry:


I’d be interested to know too. $9.99 USD works out as £7.20 GBP so in the UK we’re already paying more for VIP than US players.



Yeah I noticed this too, it was ₹650 earlier but checking now it is ₹1000.


Going from 75 till 89 im Denmark. Just stopped beeing a vip yesteday.


This is awful. We get a terrible update, no reset on boosts, vast numbers of people can’t get into the game and have missed days of game play…and out of nowhere they are raising vip prices? @Ludia_Developers what is going on? This is awful. It’s like they are TRYING to get us all to quit playing!


Hey @AnnaMich, could you please reach out to our support team at with your support key included in the email so our team can take a look at this on their end?


I noticed the change this morning and for the UK it’s £9.99 when the increase occurs. I’m happy to go that high but any higher and I won’t be able to afford it. :cry:

This is why I always go down the f2p route. Increasing VIP price when the game had a lot of things wrong with this new update?!?!

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The two things aren’t related though. A price increase would have been on the cards anyway before the recent crisis occurred.

Can’t believe after locking nearly half of the playerbase out of the game, and refusing to fix any and all issues asscoiated with this patch, that you guys have the gall to INCREASE the VIP price which was barely worth the benefits anyways? I’m happy that i never spent money on your VIP ever after seeing this. Shameful


Maybe they want us to pay Vip and stay out of the game…3 days I can make 500 cash from incubator, discord and drops and pay whit that money…
But using real money for paying useless game. NO WAY anymore…
The game have trouble it happens, that normal but the way Ludia is dealing whit us that’s the problème. If even they fix the game is late more peoples lost faith on Ludia.
Am writing but am bleeding, I have the feeling Ludia destroy more than this login. In 3 days many guys will realize that if they put lot of money inside, one day all can just gone without any explaination. We are all frustrate about if they work week end but no answer. And they have time to read forum, block peoples whit foul language like we are both kids… I canceled my Vip, download ARK.

I cancelled VIP soon as the update came out
I then thought one day if things improve I’d get it back

Then came slow response about getting the game fixed leaving alot of players without the game .

Then came the upcoming price increase for vip

But still no fix.

I won’t be getting Vip again .


After all this craziness thats been going on for the last couple of days they increase the price of V.I.P.?!?? I instantly cancelled it, I cant even play lol

I canceled VIP last week and was thinking of reactivating it if they did a boost reset. After playing the update for the last few days and seeing how much more this has become a stall and swap meta with continual bugs, I quit game entirely. Not coming back even as a F2P player anytime soon …I’ve been here since the beginning, but Ludia has completely destroyed this once great game.


I’m at Mexico, and here the VIP subscription costs around 9.23 USD, the increase is putting it at 13.22 USD, a full whopping 4 dollars more all of a sudden… I’m obviously CANCELLING MY VIP immediately, a dollar or two I could have understood, but four??? No Ludia, you’re messing it up big time with this…


That’s ridiculous, I’m sorry to hear this

15% increase (from 9,49 to 10,99 Euro).
Sorry, too much.