VIP purchase rewards


Hi, I purchased the VIP package today, and I never received the 1200 in game cash it showed I was supposed to receive.


Hey Grant_Lee_Blackley, welcome into the VIP club, I hope you’ll enjoy the extra perks that come with it! Sadly, you do not get 1200 in-game cash for becoming a VIP member but check out the other benefits you do get, on our FAQ here:


I think the point the game creators are missing is that people who would pay for VIP play a lot. They still have same daily limits as without the VIP then the only real point to VIP is to join for 1 month to get the incubator then cancel. The extra range/battery is irrelevant for players who go out and play and they can’t really evolve everything they get because the daily coin limit is too low to keep up with what they are collecting. It doesn’t seem that the makers of this game care or at least I haven’t seen a response anywhere yet about the lack of VIP benefits.
P.S. I don’t mind paying to support the game since it does not have ads but would expect a real benefit from it that can be used and not restricted by same limits as non-VIP.


They don’t have the same limits. The limits are doubled for coins, cash, etc.


Not that I’ve seen. Just the extra stuff at drops. Still can’t have more than 140 darts or collect more than 8,600 coins a day.


Since update 1.3 free to play and VIP players have the same daily coin limit.


Ah, I didn’t catch that in the notes.