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VIP PvP chests -?

Trying to understand what is the point of VIP chests in PvP? They don’t seem any better than the normal silver chests that are usually offered.

VIP chest still take 20 kills to unlock
VIP chest still only offers 4 Rares guaranteed
But… The VIP chest has a timer so any kills are lost if you don’t unlock it in time.

What am I missing? What’s even the point of these?

I’m a free to play F2P player and I do not get the excess gold or gear from the second chest. We F2P only get a sum of gold, I think around 180-260g depending on our arena level. You get more gear and slightly more gold than we do. That’s all. Our gold chest also times out.

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The vip chest isn’t special as a chest itself. It is just a second chest that you get when the free players only get one

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