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Vip question


Doesn’t it say under the benefits exclusive offers in the store? Have I missed something


Extra DNA/Coin/Cash% Boost in every daily incubator/supply drop opened (maybe All) & 33% Drone Range + 33% Drone Battery life :slight_smile: I purchased it last week, & it might not seem like much when u first sign up, but after a few days it’s hard to imagine being without it… :wink: lol…


You also get the opportunity to buy the:

Ultra-Super-Hyper-Expensive “Premium” incubator!

Personally I feel that at $9.99 +tax/month… it would be nice if you got the incubators at 50% off or even 25% off… dropping $80+ on one incubators is not in my game plan… however if it was only $40, I’d probably buy 2-3 in a month… just can’t seem to drop $80 in one hit though… then again… anything above $50 is too much IMHO…

didn’t realize this post was a necro-bump