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VIP Rewards Week

According to the news feed, this is VIP Rewards Week. Check your mailboxes every day.


And don’t forget the poll that is there as well!


Since this was posted, I’ve only had 1 day of rewards - has anyone else had daily rewards?

The rewards were likely from S-DNA rewards not showing up correctly under the missions tab. I believe the VIP week is starting this week perhaps?

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Yes I definitely was owed the sdna from an event that crashed on completion

I’m looking forward to this vip rewards week. Exciting.

4x loyalty points and some various stuff in the mail box today.


Good time to redeem 10k packs.
Just sayin.


So far I’ve got 3 x 10k packs, the tournament pack and I’m doing a little victory dance

Anyone seen this pack

It’s advertised as being available today. Did I click it and not realize it or have I just missed it?

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Hi all,
To clarify each day this week VIP members will find a different gift in their in-game mailbox. The gifts are only in your mailbox for a limited time, so if you do not claim it each day, you may miss out.


I love this concept :smiley:

I think I misread the news item. I thought it was a pack that was to be available, not the mailbox rewards. Sorry about spreading confusion

The way I read it was that Monday was vip points, Tuesday Is dinobucks, Wednesday is a super rare mod… etc.

Which hopefully means Sunday will be the pack at the end.

I am VIP, got my rewards this morning, etc., but this evening it now says “join” above my dna facility and I only had one trade. :rage:. I am month to month, auto renewal. November is paid. I submitted a ticket but I was curious if anyone else is having problems. This is a bad week for this nonsense.

As far as getting back your VIP status, log out and log back in. You may have to to this a couple of times. This probably won’t get you you missed trades. Some VIPs, particularly Apple users, have been plagued for months with a single custom trade. If this becomes a reoccurring issue for you, continue to report it. Also, make sure you are already logged into the game when the custom trades reset. That seems to help


The 10K pack gives you 650/1300 LPs. So does the 20K pack usually give you 1300/2600? 50K pack give you 2600/5200?

Hi Lifa, I am sorry this is happening,

Thank you. I rebooted and it seems okay now.

Thank you, Keith. (I don’t know how to do the name highlight response thing. Lol)

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