VIP solid gold or solid gold plus?

Is it better to save up for a solid gold plus pack or should I just buy solid golds? For one solid gold plus, I can buy three solid gold packs. For two solid gold plus packs, I can buy seven solid gold packs. Is solid gold plus worth it?

@MonstaaBoii74 I think solid gold is worth .

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Yeah but Should I save up for the plus?

It depends on your game goals.

To finish in Dominator, no plus.

To get one of each dino, plus will help.


I wouldn’t until you have plenty of the 10K dinos. I think the 50K dinos are more for completing your collection. They don’t seem to have any higher ferocity than the 10K dinos.

For instance, the new 50K dino has the exact same stats as Concavenator (a 10K dino).

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I always take 10k. I did get 3 of these beauties

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Great! Thanks for advice and I’m sticking with solid golds for now, until im close to getting all of them to thirties. Then I’ll start buying solid gold plus’s to get the other solid gold exclusives like the proceratosaurus

proceratosaurus is in the TH from time to time for 11K LP. You want to buy that one for 11K. Be sure to have a reserve of LP for when it comes up.


yes it is the same as the pterodactyl too…


Big Brain! Hella smart for that man!

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Actually, some of the 35k vip dinos are just barely stronger than your normal vip, like proceratosaurus, and pterodaustro


Prepare to have your mind blown. Unless you are counting 2 ferocity points here and there at different levels all the VIPs are basically the same ferocity.

Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 7.04.45 PM
Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 7.05.54 PMI


Very little just barely better.

I would agree 35/50k Dino’s should have better stats, but in reality they are for VIP players first and than demoted to 10k VIPs at some point.

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