VIP solid gold plus (35K LP) on sale for 20K

I just noticed that the VIP solid gold plus (35K LP normally) is on sale for 20K.

To any who want it.

You won’t beat that discount waiting for 4X LP back.


Thanks timmah, I might go grab a couple now

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Procoptodon again… but kinda glad cos that’s my 4th copy now so I can have 2 at level 11

And nothing new, plotosaur… but also this is my 4th copy so cant grumble

What do you guys reckon? Go for a 3rd pack? Or continue to save for 4x LP week


Thanks for posting this, I’d have missed out otherwise!

Guessing the offer is on for the next 3 days or so…


Why do you do this to me Ludia, WHY??? I just hit 300K today hoping to get even higher and have a 10K pack opening party (still keeping about 150K) once the VIP week came around. Now, what do I do??? I’m debating on opening 5, but it takes a long time to save and that’s about 100K. Maybe just 4.


I would say go for a few, these creatures are more elusive than the 10k creatures, however I would be really bummed if I got proceratosaur as these are more common and come up in TH for me alot

And ceno PvP gives out alot of LP atm, well at least for me anyway, got about 4000 lp from ceno the other day

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I’d be happy with those two as I have 10s of each.

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OK, did 4. Got some DBs on the first 2, but I don’t think any on the last 2. Also got the new dino :partying_face:


Absolutely… especially if you’ve been playing for a while and have a good army of the 10k VIP creatures already.

Like you, I’ll be hoping not to get any Proceratosaurus as all the others would be just dandy :ok_hand:

A very welcome Halloween bonus! :ghost:

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That’s not bad… Pterodaustro is such a unique looking creature! You’ve got so many LP so keep going :stuck_out_tongue:

How many VIP points do you get back per pack?

650x2 for vip, so 1300

Cool, might just be able to scrape enough points to open 5 packs overall!

Can’t see Ludia bettering the offer on these packs tbh, even over Christmas/New Year so time to indulge! :yum:

Also did someone say that ludia nerfs the LP return on the packs during x4 discount week? If so I may just get another gold plus…

Ugh - this is tempting, but I do not have nearly as many LPs as you all. I have just over 20K, so I could get one pack, and have just enough to cover my Prize Drop… However, I typically like to keep at least 11K in reserve for the Trade Harbor… What to do, what to do?

On another note, several folks mentioned VIP week, and it reminded me that it has been a while since we’ve had one. I hope Ludia don’t think that the new VIP Buildings mean that we don’t get VIP Weeks any more. I really enjoyed VIP weeks - they were one of the main reasons I sprung for the annual VIP subscription.

Any idea/guesses as to when we might get one?

I’m definitely going to take advantage of this discount, having saved up 125K of LPs to use on something good… and there being two VIPs in the pack I don’t have yet. With my luck though I’ll probably end up with a bunch of the Proceratos (which I have a gazillion of).


Thanks for the sale notice. As non vip, I am tempted to do the trial and try to get the 4 dinos I can’t normally get. Procoptodon(which is currently the 50k pack), protceratotosaurus ( which frequently pops up in trade harbor),tarbosarus, and tusteuthis( which I think I saw in trade harbor).

I currently have 94k in lp. It looks like the sale is another 3 days, so if 1 of the needed dinos pops up in trade harbor, it’s a go. The question is spend the 50k on the guaranteed procoptodon, or take a chance and buy 4 or 5 35k sale packs. I need to figure out how hard it is to procoptodon.

Buy 2 packs and if no pop, than you can decided what to do with the last 50.

I swear this game has ears… before opening one of these packs today, I said out loud “Anything but a Proceratosaurus please…”

I think you all know which creature I got…



I know it’s not the thread but a close one.
In the 20k pack Bronto is the featured creature and I’m wondering whether to buy just 1 or 3 (I need a few days to save up for a third pack). I know that if I buy 1 then the 2nd one comes on a discount (maybe 2-3k less) if the offer is accepted immediately.
Will I get an other discount if I buy a 3rd pack?

I’m not too sure about a 3rd pack in a row you would get a discount.

But if you mean that you will get 4 packs altogether then yes the discount would apply after purchasing each pack so every second copy would be discounted (unless theyve removed the discount which I hope not) :crossed_fingers: