VIP solid gold plus (35K LP) on sale for 20K

Unfortunately I can’t collect that much lps to buy a 4th one and I need either 1 or 3 as I currently have 1 11+ and 1 at lvl 10 that needs a partner.

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If I were you I would go for 1 brontotheriums pack and then take advantage of the 20k discounted gold plus pack then

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The gold plus was disappointing, 1 procerato and 1 tarbo. The type I didn’t need was carnivore.

I will wait a bit to collect some more and go all out. I will come back to report my findings. :slight_smile:


Sheez, I wouldn’t be the least bit disappointed to get the Tarbo regardless, considering that there’s no other way to get it other than buying a 50K pack. Spending 40K and getting this new VIP (plus a bonus VIP creature) I would consider a BIG win. The 50K creatures are primarily for collecting, so if “needing” specific types is an issue, I’d definitely keep your LPs for where your specific need is.

I’ve done 4 packs so far and while very glad not to get the procerato, haven’t yet gotten one of the two I’m missing (or ones like Tusto that I have very few copies of still). All the ones I’ve gotten I already have 4+ copies of so it’s been a big bust for me, albeit not a total one since I still want to eventually get lvl 40s and that will get me closer to those. Debating whether to even do another one since my luck has really not been good on them so far.


I’m saving LPs at the moment to buy two kangaroos before the offer expires. You know why.:wink:

This discount is tempting, but not now. Somewhere in the future, next year or so, for sure.


Sorry for not being excited to win a dino that has the very same stats to a dino that I already have (concavenator) but for 2x lp. Obviously there is a chance that you win something that’s less desirable but when the odds (80%) are that you win something great you have the right to be disappointed.

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Remember that all VIPs have the same Ferocity, so there’s only so much variation in stats

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Well I just got burnt big time. After months of saving LPs I just burnt them all as i wanted a Tarbo and a kangaroo and would have settled for the two herbivores. 9 packs later…not a single one of any of them. Absolutely ropeable! Now I’m left with no LPs and a very grumpy attitude towards the game.

Just saw this thread and the discount. Decided to open 5 packs and glad I did as I got dino’s I needed to take to lvl 20 and a new one


It’s the hope that kills isn’t it! Sorry to hear of your poor return… this was the last post I read before opening a further 3 packs so it made me re-consider!

In fairness, didn’t do too bad overall from the 5 packs in total:

  1. Tuso
  2. Procera
  3. Wuerho
  4. Meto
  5. Ploto

So some variety in there and only one Procera. I was really hoping for 2 x Tuso so the first pack made me very hopeful but this game seems to know when you need/would like a particular creature and makes you wait for it! :weary:


Thought I’d get another before the discount ends.

Very happy with my decision

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Two out of the five you got being ones that aren’t on the platinum wheel in the lottery is darn good IMO. I didn’t get a single one out of the six packs I purchased, total bust for me.

Yeah, definitely cannot complain! You’ll never get the exact creatures you want every time after all… hoping a similar offer comes around again soon.

Sorry to hear they were a waste for you on this occasion - you must have quite a collection already!

Well, I try not to think of anything as a “waste” and none of these have I taken up to a lvl 40 yet and only a couple to lvl 30 so additional copies are still useful. But yeah, was hoping that with a 30% chance on each try to get one of the 3 I was particularly hoping for, to at least get ONE out of six tries. I just cannot bring myself to spend 50K on something that has the same stats as a 10K creature… but of course this is why Ludia probably leaves some out of the lottery wheel spin, so we are forced to spend it to get them. I guess I will just keep being patient and hope eventually they will add them and/or include them in a VIP tournament. If I’m even still a VIP then. This kind of soured me on even bothering to care about it.

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This game is a grind as they say so eventually they will all add up to a level 40 example one day - naturally, we just want them as quickly as possible and hate waiting!

See what you mean about the value of the 50k creatures so it’s clever on their part playing on the exclusivity. My beef is when a 50k creature suddenly becomes a 10k creature overnight!

As for VIP, they’re certainly putting more effort into it than ever before and I hope they are generous around Christmas/New Year but I’d also understand giving it up once you get to a certain level.