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VIP status?

I’ve been a VIP member now for awhile; and after this patch it is asking me in the market if I want to sign up. Even is offering me a free epic incubator if I do. When I try to just click the incubator it says not avail… anyone else having this issue?

Here is my membership to show:

Hey there, @JurassicJustin_B, I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing these issues! In order for us to take a closer look at your account, reach out to our team at, including your support key in the email so that they can locate you faster.

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This issue has been around since update 1.9. Your developers must be aware of this issue.

And it appears it has not been corrected in 1.10.

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I sent an email yesterday, and am awaiting a response. Thank you for the information.

You just have to reload the game and your VIP status should come back if it is paid for

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I’ve don’t that multiple times, my VIP is showing like it’s available, but I still have this epic incubator I’m being told I can collect. When I try and do so true product says not available?

I have been getting this since the last update it’s very very annoying but just part and parcel of the many bugs and seriously now being Vip means absolutely nothing and I think now even though I really never wanted to do this I think mine with end at end of my present subscription period, I was adamant I was going to one of those that was like right I am cancelling because of this etc but nothing left appearing in my area now to warrant having it fot

I have been VIP also for a while and i have that golden delicious looking free incubator too and get the same message as you do when i try to open it…every 100 times i have tryed :o)