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VIP subscription cancelled for two accounts


Hey there,

Cancelled my VIP and my son’s VIP subscription just now, will continue to play as free.

Too much money for naught Ludia! when i look at what else i spend that kind of money on I get a lot more bang for my buck.



Make that 3. I just axed mine too.

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but did you though? did you really?


yeah i really did. Far too much money for pretty intangible benefits



VIP needs to be more attractive, If they at least give an incubator each month (not only when subscribing) and provide abitlity to activate 4 incubator slots at once (not only one) can help to convince new players and retain more members…



This is happening at an alarming rate. I am surprised Ludia is not trying to appease us by doing something radical to see if they can turn the tide around, or even halt the mass drop in cash flow


I canceled mine too out of principle now. They have shoddy customer service that degrade and talk down to you. They refuse to admit their faults and condescend you with their responses. I will keep my VIP canceled until they address some issues. I would live to support this game again but will put my money elsewhere as of now.


Vip is worth (after 1St month) only if you Chase and play much. Full potential is done when you stack max coin/cash per Day.
For me for 10€/$ is good with :
2X coin/dna/cash in refueling
Max area to capture at 200m
Min area to capture with full battery, do Pve tower, turn refueling at 50-60m (actual 30m)
1 rare incubator per month and 1 epic every 6month vip completed


I joined the club yesterday.

I see useless dinos at 150m and useless dinos at 200m. Once a month or once every two months I see a T-rex, then I will walk as close to it as possible to make the best of my darts.

No reason for VIP when you are buying an empty box.


Not really looking for an incubator every month (although that would be nice) but some 50% increases on inventory and Fusion maybe.

Darts - Free (140) - VIP (210)
Scents - Free (2) - VIP (3)
Fusion - Free 10-100 - VIP 15-150


How in the world are they going to pay their dev people to fix all the bugs if we all cancel vip? I’m sure there is a shortage of funds based on their overly fair prices in the market. I’m kidding :grin: I am considering canceling too!


I cancelled, then got it back. Really considering cancelling again. Just not enough incentive.


It would kinda stink to lose my only hope of a dino without using a capsule at home.


VIP 10 bucks a month. Extra supply stop amounts and longer drone. Yup it’s worth it. Personally I like the game. I’m looking forward to bug fixes and futuer events and and newer cooler Dino’s.

If they fix bugs and continue the progress I will be a happy person


Yeah, but… they won’t fix the bugs. Haven’t yet, and I don’t see that changing.


I still have mine. The extra SD darts alone makes it worthwhile for me. My hunting area has limited SD and I was constantly struggling for darts before I got it. Now, I can keep them topped off. I can also reach some spawns that I would not be able to without going off the beaten path.

It would be nice to have more perks like a monthly incubator or increased storage.


I too just cancelled mine that was to re-up on the 17th. Just saved myself $120.00 annually. Plus I’ve stopped spending money in game also. Initially the game was dev as a milk it and run.


Your gonna be looking forward to bug fixes for a very long time. The only bugs Ludia fixes are those that reflect their bottom line… like when supply depots were broken fixed in 36 hours. Meanwhile speed indicator and damage calculation have both been broken since September when 1.4 broke what was a working feature… atleast for the damage calculator.