VIP Supply Drops: not enough darts

With the 1.8 update, I have found that I am getting much less darts. Is this a bug or by design? Even when I am in the inner range, I am getting significantly less darts. Honestly, I’m getting less darts, coins, and cash. Darts are my biggest complaint because I cannot collect DNA when I have no darts. Why has this changed? I am seriously considering dropping the VIP subscription, as the only benefits is the longer range and longer dart time. It’s honestly not enough for the subscription fee.

Yeah I’m seriously thinking I’m gonna drop my VIP as well. There’s just no upside to forking over 10 bucks a month for it anymore. Even before 1.8 I felt vip was lacking in what you recieve versus what you pay. Oh well RIP vip.

Thanks for the pointer to this thread. I will likely submit a support ticket as well.

No worries! I had just happened upon that thread just before seeing yours.

And @Shane_Hall, I agree; your money is better spent on buying boosts than it is VIP at this point.

I’ve noticed the exact same thing. I used to average 75 Darts per 8 Supply Drops (VIP) and now I’m lucky to get 40 at best. Some give none at all. (Not in the inner range)

Hey Ludia. Would you PLEASE lessen the chance of dino toys so we can get more darts the rest of the day. We don’t need to get our limit of dinosaur toys in the first 3 drops we spin.

The reason the supply drops are shooting blanks is because that is where you would get a dino toy but obviously we get our fill in the first 3 to 5 drops and then we get shot blanks for the next 23 hours and 59 minutes.

They did this when they first came out with scent capsules.

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Excellent observation, I hope this isn’t a fix that we have to wait too long for.

That would require changing a whole constant’s value. I’d expect at least 3 months.

If you are hitting every supply drop you find, you should never be running out of darts.

Not true, especially when you are working on a scent. My main argument is the value of the VIP subscription. If all I am going to get is 3 darts from a supply drop, then I don’t need to be paying for the VIP, right?

I always hit up any available supply drops and I never run out of darts, and that includes using a scent.

Thanks for your feedback. I don’t think you are addressing my concerns here, you’re just saying that you’re able to keep from running out of darts. You’re not speaking to the reduced availability of darts and other supplies since the 1.8 update, nor the value of subscribing to the VIP service. Thanks anyway.

I am addressing it because I haven’t see any reduction in darts at all. I still get the same as I did before the update. I’ve seen a few posts about reduced supplies but I haven’t seen it myself.

With the update I get less darts also. Another issue, why do the drops stop giving us sanctuary resources once we hit the limits, but continue to give us darts once we hit the 140 limit? We should just be getting coins and hard cash from supply drops, once the we hit our 140 dart limit.

Post hidden. I will try again.

Casual players will not notice the reduction of items. They happen after you have maxed on coins/items from drops and continue to play. Unless you max on coins/items early in the day and continue to hunt, you would not notice a significant reduction.

After we have maxed, darts are the only item left for the drop to give us. We get many blank spins and low dart numbers from even close drops.

using scents is much more tough. it almost forces me to buy darts if i dont get lucky in supply drops getting more darts.

I am showing a huge reduction in DARTS from Supply Drops and not happy as I have VIP also. Any response Ludia?

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From Carl at Ludia: Thanks for your patience.

Our team has been made aware of this potential game change/update. Please know I cannot promise any changes, but we are always looking for new ways to improve the game, so thank you again for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

Its other words. Do this. From yesterday.