VIP too expensive

Hi Ludia,
First of all i like to play JWA and enjoy it really.

I have thinked about to buy VIP but honestly its to expensive. 9,50 € monthly is to much compare to other games with micropayments.

Personally 5€ is fair enough and many players would appreciate it.

Kind regards and please think about this


This thread is for jwtg. Your on the wrong thread

there is a VIP in JWA too. You do know that, right? its ten dollars a month


its only 10 dollars a month, you get better deals, more range. t could be a little less but not 5.

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I feel like they don’t give enough tbh. They should give you like a weekly VIP incubator. Or atleast improve the 6 hour one

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Yeah sure, it makes 120 dollars in year.
Sorry Colin but for me 10 dollars monthly for a mobile game it is expensive. Please note the incubator prices!
I know its my decision but i just wanna Ludia notice this.

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I have to agree I don’t think it’s great value for money, and more people would go for it if it was a bit cheaper. I considered it for a while, and didn’t because of the price, it didn’t feel worth it. How about a VIP lite package, where you didn’t get the special VIP incubators and in shop offers, maybe got less coins from the drops and less darting time than full VIP, but for half the price?

i didn’t think of it as 120 dollars a year, that is a lot actually

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I agree. 120 dollars a year is massive for a game you do not even own and can be stopped at any moment. The goal here should be to try to get more revenues from the player base. Many more players would take a subscription if it was less. Something like 0.99 dollars a week and 1.99 dollars a week would probably bring more. Add boosts in the daily battle incubators for VIPs and let’s say another level between VIP and free to play. There is potential here I believe.


To me it’s not necessarily the price per month, but the lack of value you get from it (although these are related). Correct me if I miss anything, but I think all you get is a larger darting radius and more darting time, better supply drop rewards (better by how much, I don’t know), and access to special sales in the store (that I think you still need to pay for on top of your monthly subscription). Oh, and a one-time epic incubator reward. For that, I wouldn’t even pay 5 bucks a month. It just isn’t worth it. I’m honestly not sure why anyone uses VIP, so I’m really curious if you are in VIP what about it makes it worth it for you.

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