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Vip Trial HELP

Is the trial free?
I cant seem to access it since my account is insufficient

Hey Yy4627, you’ll need a recurring payment method connected to your store account in order to accept the free trial offer.

Our FAQ here also has some information that might be helpful:


To add to this, you need to have either a 9.99 balance OR a connected payment method BEFORE you get the free trial offer.

I got the offer and followed into the app store and added payment information and the trial offer disappeared when I got back in the game. :frowning:

Than the covid19 stuff happened and I just bought sans free trial.

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Yup, you need to have enough money ( the price of one month of vip in your country) to use vip free trial. I used it last week and i can confirm it is free! You just need to go to your apple account or play store account and cancel the subscription at least 1 day before the 7 days passed. I bought mine last week on tuesday at 8:00 am and, on last sunday I canceled the subscription on my apple account ( subscriptions menu). Today at 8:00 am, VIP was cancelled and no monney was taken from my account.
During the afternoon, as I enjoyed this week alot, i decided to buy one month of vip. I already canceled the renew for the following month and I will have my benefits until 7 of May.

Since you have already subscribed @Timmah , you should be able to go into your Apple ID and manage your subscriptions. You should see a one month subscription with free trial, works if you haven’t used a free trial yet.


Just finished setting may payment account, but I don’t see the free trial offer anymore
Where can I find it?

Thats the trick about free trial offer. You dont decide when you get it. You just have to wait until you get the offer again. I even talked with the support team and they confirmed this. But dont panic, normally you have you once a week. And for me, it happened every week, on the same day, at the same hour.
The first time I wanted to use the offer, it was on a tuesday at 5:00 am and had a problem using my card. Then the offer disappeared and I had to wait another week for it show up. The next week, on tuesday at 6:00 am, the offer popped up and I managed to use it.
So I guess you have to wait another week. Mine always showed up at the same time every week. And, this is important, it only pops up after you open free packs.


What? Really? I’ll have to look into this.

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Thanks a lot! I appreciate all your responses

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So, my subscription ends on the 17th and I switched to 1mo with Trial and it now ends the on May 16. I would have expected the 23?

So, I’m not sure it worked the way as suggested here. (It says it was $9.99, so it wasn’t like I got a discount on the 1mo price either.)

Huum, i would try and talk eith the support team. I used my free trial before paying vip so dont know any solutions…

I’m trying to get them to fix my broken DNA counter when watching ads, maybe I’ll drop them an email after that is fixed. I’d rather have DNA than a 1 week free trial.

I hope it gets fixed in the next update. Every two or three ads, i still have to reset my advertising identifier

At least you can watch ads and get DNA. I get nothing/nada/zero right now.

I understand how you feel. I actually gave up on watching ads for dna as I had to constantly be resseting my definitioms

I am not sure what happened @Timmah

When my first month’s subscription expired (I lost the VIP on the account and my DNA building was counting down 7-days - that was when I re-newed), it worked for me because I too missed the 7-day Trial.

There was no discount. Just that it was extended by 7-days.

Edit: Is your store US? It is still the 16th today, in North America. Mine is the Canadian Store.

I started on January 27th and when I extended the VIP on February 27th, it turned into April 5th as my next billing cycle:

I’m US.

Your numbers make sense and line up.

I forgot to update this.

Recap: I switched to “with Trial” and that didn’t give me the free week.

I contacted support. After sending a few screen shots of what I was talking about, I was told they couldn’t give me the free trial and selecting this wouldn’t give me an extra week either. Also, that I should be able to still do the 1 week free trial in the future.

I’m going to take the plunge and go off VIP (my current end date is the 16th).

If I get offered the free trial within 7 days (so I don’t lose my DNA building progress… although that is all different now since this thread), I’ll reup with the trial.

If I don’t get the free trial offer in 7 days or lose my VIP progress, I’ll likely quit VIP. Funny, all of this over about $2.50US.

Some times it’s about principle but also sometimes it’s best to not miss out on picking up a dollar because you are to busy picking up pennies.

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When they fix my Ad DNA counter, I’ll happily put pennies back in ludia’s pocket for 50/DNA a crack. (It has been well over a month. I’m starting to get salty about it. And before someone says it isn’t a lot of DNA, it is about 40,000 DNA now at 1K/day.)