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VIP vs standard account

I thought I give the VIP a try, WOW what a waste! I had at 1.5 times the opportunities to dart Dino’s without spending the extra money for VIP which is supposedly increase your opportunities. Before going VIP I have rare and epics within range, now I hardly have even a regular Dino with in the target area??? I am not sure if my account is glitching since i signed up for the VIP, but this will be my first and last VIP month…

Dinosaurs appearing or not appearing is hardly the fault of being VIP. If you unsubscribe and they reappear for you, I’d be surprised.

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If there wasn’t already established norm and had no reference to compare to I would agree with you. I could tell when and where certain Dino’s will be on any day of the week prior to going VIP… Since upgrading the norm has degraded…

The dinos are the same for everyone, if I’m not mistaken. So if a person with vip was playing in the same location as a non vip the dinos on the map would be the same.


Maybe so, and one of the main advantages of going VIP is get the increased battery range. Yea it has increased, but now there are fewer Dino’s that are in the extended range area.

When did you sign up? I’ve noticed that after the 1.4 update the spawns in general have gone down since then. I have actually stopped “hunting” so much because Of the spawn decrease. Someone on here was saying they think The spawns decreases because they are pushing the scents.


Yesterday. All I can say is up to yesterday I could hunt my usual areas and knew what to expect and now I don’t know. I had spawns almost right out my front door now they are all pushed back just outside of the VIP extended battery range…Anyway, I sent sample of before and after to support I an waiting for reply.

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I just curious to know if any others have experienced this or if I was the privileged one :exploding_head:

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I think it’s probably just you

Me and my kids all play together up until last month my youngest did not have vip… not once did we ever experience a difference between those of us that had vip versus the one that did not.

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Ik there isn’t supposed to be as far the amount of availabie Dino’s in the area. VIP just gives you a further range to dart what is available…

My experience since is signed up for the VIP what was the normal of available Dino’s has been down degraded. Also most available now are just outside of the new extended battery range…

I find rare and epic spawns kind of come in waves. I’ll see rares spawning all around within an hour of random time and then go several hours with just common global and local spawns.

This morning on the way home from the grocery store I was passing by lots of rare spawns but all afternoon here there was nothing but maybe a rare here and there but none I wanted to run out after.

Last night I went out on a raptor run, then saw and got Charlie down by the river, then a Utahraptor popped up back up the hill, then ran into Charlie again on the way home. I am F2P, my wife still has VIP. I got those for both our accounts. We see the same stuff most the time but I think she is on a different server because occasionally we see different stuff and drops in different places. Most everything is the same and that was when we both had VIP.

Yea I have rare and epics respawning intervals too. Alway in the same places for me at least as well as the common types too. Wel, I will say they use to, now with VIP none not rare, epic or common spawn in the same place and most are along the outside boarder of the VIP battery range as if they are all taunting me :flushed:

Mine is the exact same, infact I’ve just uploaded my own post about it. I agree and also feel cheated out of my hard earned money. I have made a few suggestions on my post on how they can make VIP better but I will also post it here.

  1. Xp, coins, DNA, cash all X3
  2. Epic Dino per day in close radius
  3. Extended radius (current)
  4. Extended batteries (current)
  5. Free weekly Random Scent capsules
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IYea if anything they should offer more not just an upgraded battery range which in my case is absolutely worthless. I had better spawning of epic-rare and commons in the smaller battery footprint. Now with the larger VIP battery footprint hardly anything it’s so far a total rip off to become a VIP member! I have turned in a ticked for the DEV”s to review. I did this post to see if others have had or are having the same experience with the VIP membership?

I did not notice any difference when I went to VIP. I get about the same common spawns in the same spots as before from home. When I go to my hunting grounds I can have a Rare or Epic right there when I open the game.

I should have just stuck to my not going VIP until the RNGDICULOUS in the battle arena was dealt with! Why didn’t I listen to myself :upside_down_face:

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