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Vip waste of time

I will be dropping vip soon if event drops and strike towers keep on becoming more hard to find as vip does not make a difference to reach them if not any in driving distance either .


ikr strike tower and raid distributions are absolutely with 100% ceratinty very very bugged.

After not being bale to afford vip for a little bit its made me step back and see how not worth it it is. Sure the increased range battery and supply drop rewards are nice but nothing a little extra work cant get you for free


I had the VIP since the beginning. Canceled it about 2 months ago. Now I can honestly say the VIP is definitely not worth it. Compared to a number of other mobile games, it’s a rip off. The benefits for Ludia’s VIP are laughable. I keep thinking why did I get suckered into having it so long.


And Helen, I know it’s hard to drop the VIP. Just do it. If you feel lost without it, it’s easy to resign back up.

I never bought VIP because it never seemed worth it. You get what, a bit of extra darting time, a few extra resources from drops, a one-time special incubator, and access to special sales that you usually need to pay MORE money for on top of your $120 a year subscription. The biggest benefit right now seems to be having access to coin sales, but for that I would rather just buy hard cash direct if I’m going to be spending that money.

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I’d say drop it either way for them to think we should spend $10 a month they should give us something worthwhile

I’ve never paid a penny on the game and I’ve got everything I’ve wanted out of it. 18 level 30 creatures. 4 max boosted creatures. Unlocked all creatures except gorgo raid boss and some weeks I skip it since I just hate doing raids. I max my coins from supply drops each night. I use my hard cash on the 2 coin sales free players get each year. Life’s good lol


Reasons why I use VIP:

Don’t have to leave the house for strike towers that often (raid bosses and the rewards from the supply drops themselves are of minor concern).
Coin sales: With the cash links those bucks add up pretty quickly.
Extra DNA from darting.

I’d say VIP is better value than anything else I can buy in the store. Also go periods without it but especially with Corona and evening curfew it makes for a less frustrating gaming experience.