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VIP Week - Saturday Discount - 30% Off Hybrids

I seem to recall during the last VIP week that there was 40% off hybrids at the end of the week. Will that be the case this time and if so, will it be tomorrow? Otherwise I will stock up on the 30% off offer today…


it has happened in the past but I am nervous about waiting, I will most likely use up some DNA today unless @Keith or someone from Ludia can weigh in.

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Same here, feels risky to wait til tomorrow only to find out there is no 40% off promotion.

Likewise, hoping that @Keith can confirm :crossed_fingers: otherwise I’ll splash out in the morning…

Likewise, I spent as much as I could without going under 200K.

For confirmation, there was no day with 40% off hybrids as part of the VIP week so I hope the next VIP week will be consistent…