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VIP. Worth it or not?

I’ve been playing a while, I’m lvl 92 and have a pretty solid amount of dinos but I’ve always wondered if there was any real benefit to VIP. Would you say it’s worth it? Also what are your favorite perks of having VIP?

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Depends do you want to spend money on a game?
Do play a lot or just or fun?
Also the advantage are not that bad, more daily event, double the lp,a lot of resources building, vip creature tournament, more custom trade in trade harbor.


Well, VIP includes a lot of good features:

  • X2 Loyalty Points
  • 3 Custom Trades
  • Exclusive trades
  • Exclusive creatures
  • Resource Buildings (DNA, S-DNA, Food…)
  • Speed up buildings (Instant hatch, instant recovery…)
  • Exclusive events
  • Exclusive tournaments
  • Exclusive offers
  • Exclusive decorations and generic buildings
  • Upgraded free pack
  • Upgraded Daily Missions pack
  • Exclusive boosted Gyrosphere (but no one plays gyrosphere so meh)
    And I think that’s all.
    If you play often, want to make fast progress and just enjoy new features, i’ll say do it.
    Side note: they also give you a free T-Rex.

I think that list pretty much covers it. I will say, the x2 LPs is very nice, but realize it’s only on LPs won or from a pack, not traded for.

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I am not VIP so i cannot tell you, but many people say it is worth it.

It’s definitely a benefit that is worth it the most if 1. you plan to keep it active for enough length of time to build up the resources you can earn from it and 2. you are someone that plays regularly every day, completes all the events and tournaments, etc. The more you play, the more benefit you will get from the 2x LPs and those can be turned into the very useful VIP creatures, which greatly speed up your progress in the game. If you might get tired of playing the game in a few months though, or are a casual player, it doesn’t make much sense to pay for the VIP.


I’ve been a VIP for about three years maybe more and it’s got better than when I started it’s worth every penny now I was thinking on stopping but you stop you lose all the benefits what goes with it. And there is lots to lose, One thing I wasn’t happy about is when you reach to 99 than that’s it you stay at 99 and you can’t buy any more land but the VIP is really good


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I personally do not pay vip because I do not want to spend money on this game which could shut down.
I spend my money on game like Jurassic World Evolution which will not shut down