VIP worth it

Been considering it for awhile, but for just a month tho. What do y’all think?


I don’t know it depends if just want to try how it feels to be a vip but for that you obviously would have instead gone for free vip trail. The thing about vip is that if you want to reap rewards as vip u have to keep it going. If you are just gonna do it for a month then you will only have double lps and the exclusive vip event and access to vip tournament if available. You won’t even get the dna factory s-dna factory instant hatchery in a month (not sure about it tho so don’t make your decision on that). As much as i can say if you want to get vip exclusive rewards go for it if you Plan To stay consistent vip. If you will just become vip and leave it i don’t think you would get that much benefit. I am not that type Of person That if is not vip would not recommend others either. I usually recommended vip if its really worth the money. And as for this game vip is worth it if you will keep on going if become vip and leave it idk thats gonna be much benefit except for the double lp and exclusive vip event. And even in the vip exclusive rewards the only thing you would look forward to is the rare and super rare packs. Legendary packs are available to non-vip anyways. The rare and super rare packs dissapear forever For non-vips after a certain level untill probably When you become max level. So to sum things up if you will stay vio go for it, if for a month I wouldn’t recommend.


Gotcha, and if I leave vip after a certain amount of time, will I keep the exclusive buildings I got while I was vip?


As an add on to this question if you stop VIP for a little while and then come back to it will you start up where you left off on the monthy unlocks and such?


I don’t think so u have to be vip in order to have access to those things. If u leave vip you will probably loose the ability to use these things


Good to know, thank you.

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You will lost the VIP buildings and their progress if you leave/come back.


Didn’t read anything but the title… But I believe it’s worth it.

I gladly pay for VIP because it’s the only money I spend on entertainment.

This game really does brighten my day…so yea…nooo problem throwing a bit towards my Island!

Having VIP does move you a long faster.

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As a VIP member for more than three years now (I think that’s how long it’s been), I think it’s worth it when considering a few things.

  • the cost is 9.99 when paying month to month, this makes it from a comparison of how much I play the game to how much it costs very reasonable. This will vary for every player but for about the cost of 1 fast food lunch I have entertainment at a higher level for a month. This is even cheaper if you pay for a year at a time.
  • the extra VIP events which fall into two categories: the every day ones and the tournaments. There are now VIP events every day with varied rewards from rare to legendary creatures along with the resources in the packs. Then you have the exclusive VIP tournaments which have some great creatures that otherwise would cost you 50k LP.
  • double the LP, this is one of the biggest benefits to VIP, all winnings and all purchase you get double LP. Since VIP creatures are one of the best creatures you can have in terms of strength to cool down ratios and you can typically only get through the LP packs the doubling of this resource adds up very quickly.
  • With additional events comes additional SDNA from completing them.
  • DNA building but now also the additional VIP buildings including food, SDNA, Instant (cool down, fuse, and hatch)These will be huge boosts eventually to long term players.
  • additional 2 Custom Trades once you unlock the trade harbor.

Any standard VIP decoration or building you get you will get to keep (clock towers, nightclub and so on) the previously mentioned un-lockable buildings will go away if you stop your membership I believe.

I might have missed some stuff but there are a lot of benefits.


To summarize… if you play the game regularly every day, and make use of all the VIP features, collect all packs to get double points on everything possible, etc. yes, it’s worth it. If you are more of a casual player, not so much. “Worth” is different for every person as well, someone that tends to go from one game to another might not find it worth as much as those of us for whom this is THE game we play and we plan to keep playing it for the foreseeable future.

I do though no longer pay for a yearly membership even though that has a discount. I’ve gotten screwed enough on my VIP benefits (currently an entire month’s worth of s-DNA progress being lost and Ludia only giving me one week’s worth of that back in credit) that I know at some point I’m just going to have had enough and will want to be able to drop it when that time comes.


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