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VIP: Worth it?


I’m on level 9. I just recently (1 month ago) started playing it again since my phone was damaged for a long time & just recently fixed it again. I’ve been thinking of becoming a V.I.P. member but I don’t know if it’s really worth it. I get more battery :battery: & more range. But other than that, is it really worth it? Can someone tell me if I get any other special treats?
Appreciate it in advance.


The question is - is it worth it to you?

Personally for me, it is.

If you had asked a week ago I would have 100% said try it for the event week then cancel before the end of the month - if you miss it enough then renew. Now the event has gone there is not such an incentive to try it but you do get an incubator (epic I believe) so I would say give it a go if you can spare the real world money.


Yes. It is very much worth it. Just for the range and battery life alone makes it worthwhile.

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Completly worth it in my opinion

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It’s worth it alone just for the 33% extra time. Not counting increased drops and 33% extra distance.

And by the wording of ur post. I feel uve never got it before. So the first time is immensely worth just for the sake of the epic incu u get.

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Being such a low level I’d say it’s not worth at all (waste of money). When you’re nearly 20 you get closer to take the best advantage of special events and featured dinosaurs.

I’d recommend you to play free until you are good enough at darting all different species. Make the best of weekly featured dinos, that’s the only VIP you need so far. Dedication.

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It is worth it for me. I can reach more spawns right from home that I could not reach without it, as well as spin. I get more darts and coins per spin which helps keep my storage full and max out easier every day. Even when I was at a lower level, that extra darting time sure helped when I found something I really needed, it is about 3 more darts per encounter.

I believe VIP also get Epic in the daily battle incubator that non-VIP do not. It is 20 of something, usually Stiggy. I have had VIP for a long time so do not know if others get that Epic or not. I thought I heard they do not.

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Yea ur right about the daily incu. Forgot about that

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Had it for a month and dropped it - was not worth it. Recently though, especially with the uniques, it became worth the money just for the extra dart time. Wish I had picked it up a few days earlier actually, for the epics. May not keep it, but yeah - good for March Dino Madness.

I got no special incubator with it though.


You picked the wrong time to decide about VIP. The strongest hybrids in the game were available as daily dinos last weekend. I bought VIP just for extra DNA on those. (my vip incubator was trash, so that sucked) I am cancelling my VIP after this month.


Hubby and I signed up for VIP last week for the event–it’s absolutely worth it for us. It usually takes all of our 2 hour commute to load up on daily supply drop rations, but now I can do it in the first third of our trip and focus on getting dinos for the rest of the trip. Plus I can now reach three supply drops from my home (in the middle of nowhere) instead of just 1.

Love it. We’re gonna keep it.


I like it!

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Well I think Ludia should add another benefit for the VIP´s because I´m not sure if more range and battery time is enough nowadays (even resources), they should add maybe a little xtra DNA, or special rewards in incubators, I don´t know.


I canceled mine due to the event changes being totally bogus. I’ll reserve judgement til after 1.7 changes to see if they warrant taking my money again. Lot of weird things they’re throwing into the game. No one knows how the game will look in a week.