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VIP worth it?

I just started the game a couple days ago. Loving it. It doesn’t detail much information about VIP. I’m curious if someone can help me and explain the benefits and if it’s worth it? Thanks for your time.

It gives you a DNA factory but the amount you get from that takes a fair amount of time to build up. You get extra events every week and this upcoming week, we have a VIP-only tournament for one day. Those pop up about every other month. Currently we get 2 custom trades at the trade harbor, once you unlock that. The biggest benefit (IMO) is the doubling of loyalty points. Those points can be used to buy loyalty packs, the best of which are the 10K packs, which contain the absolute best dinos in the game, with super-fast hatch times, low cooldowns and great stats. I’ve been a VIP since the first month I started playing and because I worked really hard at learning how to play the game and put a lot of time into PvP matches which could give me loyalty points, I now have a really nice roster of VIP dinos, and am able to reach the Dominator league in tournaments far sooner than most players do, definitely one of the main goals of all players. The loyalty points also can be used to play the weekly lottery to unlock the highest level prize, another VIP dino. I’m usually able to get at least two each week this way.

So basically, the VIP is worth it if 1. you want to progress in the game faster and 2. will put in the work to get the most benefit out of it that it offers.


Wow thanks for the detailed explanation of VIP. I’m going to give it a test run.

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I will add that if you sign up and then cancel, you’ll get an offer for a yearly membership, at a reduced monthly rate and that comes with a nice dino reward too (4 velociraptors was what I got, which at that time, was a HUGE deal to me as a newbie). Considering how much Ludia has changed the game, and not necessarily for the better, I’ve often regretted taking that yearly membership. We’ve learned among other things that they have no qualms about taking AWAY membership benefits (we used to get 3 daily custom trades, they changed it to just 2) and I would like to have the freedom to not play in certain events or be able to step away from the game in protest for changes I don’t like (I still can’t believe they would screw with VIP benefits when we are the ones actually PAYING to play!) without feeling like I’m losing money that I already paid out.

So while I’m a fan of the VIP membership for new players in particular, I will NEVER recommend paying for the yearly membership. THAT advice I hope will cost Ludia some money they might have gotten in the past, but they deserve it for what they did with the custom trades, and breaking the trust of VIP members that signed up for a year based on the benefits they were getting.

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If you have the money to spend on the game I say go for it. I do the monthly membership and get plenty of enjoyment out of my $10 a month. The game continues to evolve and I appreciate Ludia still investing money into this game that has been out for more than 4 years now.


Awesome for this information. Thank u. Will do monthly for now

@demon welcome to the forums, I forgot to mention that there is a bunch of information on these forums that can help you as you progress through the game. Also don’t hesitate to reach out with questions if you can’t seem to find an answer you are looking for.

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Yes, definitely search the forum for old posts. Here’s a few I have bookmarked that were very useful (you’ll notice a pattern in the author of them,

And of course, my google spreadsheet of dino stats. This will be VERY helpful as you work on your roster.


@Mary_Jo if I were to buy any packs from store with real cash, what would yall recommend?

None, that would be my recommendation, any purchase is one time only and does not unlock the creature for you to get more of. If you are a low level player at this point most of the packs out side of the common pack are just going to screw up you roster and will start to have negative effects on your PvE. If you are looking to spend money out side of the VIP program, I would say purchase some DB when they are on sale. I can’t say I have ever done this, but that would seem to me the best way to get deeper in to the game faster by allowing you to speed up various things within the game.


Thank u. Will do this

Uh oh I just made a noob mistake :frowning: I hit the wrong button and bought ten tickets with the new JW prize drops. Hopefully that’s a good thing. Used all my JW currency… :eyes: opps lol

I still trying to figure out what BD is that u reference earlier?

If you mean DB than @Sionsith was referring to Dino bucks.


Yes thank u. That was a error on my part. Thank u

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Yup sorry for the short hand, Dino Bucks (DB) are the only way to speed up progress in the game so if you are looking to advance in the game quicker it is the best way.

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I did do some of the Tapjoy rewards early on to earn DBs (always waiting until they are giving double value for them). I preferred to spend the money on something like a donation to a good charity and getting a lot of DBs back for that, then just paying outright for them. I enjoyed doing a HelloFresh trial subscription for instance, something I was thinking of paying for anyways, and getting over 10K worth of DBs back for it. You just have to make sure to cancel when the trial period is over (likewise for charity donations, those usually set up your contribution as a recurring one). You do also often have to follow up and make sure they are properly awarded, there’s a support system in the Tapjoy section where you can submit proof of your purchase if they don’t go through.


I’ve played the game since the beginning and i’ve had the VIP membership since it was implemented.

I’m a little biased because this amount of money isn’t necessarily a huge deal for me and as an avid dinosaur enthusiast it was a no-brainer to sign up for it…

I will say it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows with Ludia. Much like @Mary_Jo, I’ve got my own list of gripes to include many things that used to be in the game that have been either reduced or eliminated… Many of those decisions were clearly done to exploit the player base into feeling compelled to pay more money.

Also I’ve got my own list of things that I’d like to see added and, much to Ludia’s credit, many of those things have either come to the game already (Such as the Trade Harbor itself w/additional VIP-exclusive trade offers). And still there are many, many things that I would like to see added (some VIP-related, others just changes to the game itself).

But ultimately, I do understand that in the end of the day Ludia is a business and they’re out to make money… I still love this game and so to me the VIP membership has been worth it.

Here’s a recent poll (still open) uploaded by @Mary_Jo where you can go in and review and/or vote on issues which address player requested changes to the game (Many of these include VIP-related requests):


I think you’re in the wrong forum


Yup wrong forum those screen shots are for “Alive” this forum is for “The Game”.