Viper (Creature file #30)

Order up! It’s time for a new creature file. Today, we’re gonna be doing a creature that is a viper, but not sure if it’s the first venomous snake. Ladies and gentlemen, the laophis has slithered into battle.

Rarity: Common

Health: 4760

Damage: 1180

Speed: 113

Armor: 0%

Critical: 20%


Pinning Strike

Precise Rampage

Passive: Venomous Counter and Immune to Distraction

Possible hybrid: Laoceros, Fuse with Eucladoceros and Laophis

Rarity: Legendary

Health: 4100

Damage: 1210

Speed: 127

Armor: 10%

Critical: 20%


Shielded Decelerating Strike

Precise Rampage

Lockdown Impact

Superior Impact

Passive: Venomous Counter, immune to distraction and decelerating, swap in heal

  • The name, Laophis, means “People’s snake”.

  • Originally described by Sir Richard Owen, the original fossils had been lost, until rediscovery of a single vertebra was discovered somewhere near Thessaloniki in 2014.

  • Laophis belongs to the same family as cottonmouths and rattlesnakes.

Hint for the next creature: This hadrosaurs looks like Olorotitan.


Why again do I get confused with attack and damage?


Yep. With another r