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**visible confusion**

So from that screenshot above i won a doedicurus from the prize drop rewards
But i still hasn’t unlock the biodome yet
What will happen?

Same thing happened to me. You will just have a Cenzoic creature. Nothing will happen. You will have to wait until level 40 to do land vs Cenzoic battles though


The real question is can you place the cenozoic creature in your park or it will just stuck in the hatchery until i reach lvl 40?

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No it only unlocks the biodome, you can view them by clicking on so no worries. :call_me_hand:

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No, this is wrong.
Even if you have three Cenozoic Dinos and aren’t level 40, you can still do Cenozoic PVPs.

But you need to be lvl 40 to unlock the biodome

If you find a Cenozoic before level 40, you unlock it immediately. :partying_face:

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Oh ok

It needs to be 10 characters to be relevam

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I know, I was talking about land vs cenzoics

False. I won an Elasmo before and i had to wait the event.

So i can’t place that doedicurus until i reach lvl 40? :’(

Of course you can place the Doedicurus. Just certain things get Unlocked after level caps.

U can place it but u can’t unlock it. You can’t unlock it neither after 40, but that’s another thing.

So you can place it in your park
But it won’t produce coins,can’t be put in fights?

or is it because doedicurus it’s an event exclusive

It will produce coins and u can feed it to lvl 10 but you can’t do ceno v land

Why not? U can put Doedi, two Jurassics. Also Doedi doesn’t have an event.

You don’t unlock ceno v land until lvl 40

From my experience this past summer, you can hatch the Doedicurus and place it, but since the Biodome isn’t unlocked you cannot fight with it, feed it, or collect coins. Once you unlock the Biodome, it will be there waiting on you


I think you can feed it… My first Solid Gold Pack opening was a Thylacosmilus and I’m pretty sure I was able to feed it despite being below level 40… I might be wrong though.