Visual bug with darts over 140


Idk how it happened, may be I opened some incubator and got over 140 darts, but I’ve got somehow 160 of them.
But when I used 10 of it, it redused to 130. So it’s just a visual bug with darts over 140


This happens if you get given dart by an incubator or levelling up rather than taking hem away from you it gives you them, this can sometimes take you over your 140 limit

This is not a glitch


But if you use some of them, it’s like you had only 140. If you use 10, it’ll remain 130


for me this doesn’t happen, I had 240 at one point and used them all down to the 140 cap


If it’s a bug i don’t want it fixed, it’s one of the reasons i like the game. Since i can have over 500 darts.