Visual glitch in boss vs boss

There’s this glitch happens with salamander’s power moves. It decreases the attack stat of enemy team and also its own attack stat decreases.
I never paid that much attention cause usually i have lots of blocks and it doesn’t matter anyway. But in the recent battle it attacked 8 and i was blocking 3 with juggy and it killed juggy with 7400+ damage with an visual attack stat of 600+ .i kept wondering how did i miscalculate that. Then i noticed the attack went down again as it activated the power move again and was showing a visual attack stat of 623 against omega . After killing it i checked its stats again which showed 800+ attack stat.
So basically its attack stat decreases visually along with its opponents to its power move . But its actual attack doesn’t which creates a confusion. This visual glitch needs to be fixed. And everyone else be careful while dealing with it.
I actually posted before where i allowed salamander to activate power move 5 times and its own attack stat displayed as 0 but it was doing the damage it should . I then i thought it was an one time glitch happened because of restating the game numerous times . But it’s an ever present visual glitch.