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Visual glitch in downtown again


I started getting a visual glitch where the higher buildings in downtown now partially block dinos and drops again. I can see pieces of them and the buildings are not all solid. It’s very odd and makes it hard to see what’s around me. It started today.


Got the same thing happening to me. Anything over 1 story obstructs your view


Hey Simpl3mom, sorry to hear that happened. Buildings around the area should not be blocking your drone from collecting DNA.

Our staff would like to investigate this, so if it happens again, could you please take a screenshot of it and email it to our staff? You can reach them by email here at, please also include your support key in the email.

In the meantime, could you please make sure that you’re in an area with a strong signal while playing the game? Having a stable connection when looking for dinosaurs might help with this issue. You can also try turning your data off and on to refresh the connection, or if you’re connected to WiFi try forgetting and reconnecting to it.


Yeah, the 3D mechanic is a little skewed at times, especially with taller buildings. I live in a city that’s got no really tall buildings, it’s mostly sprawling out from the center. The tallest buildings are hospitals here, so I’ve had a little difficulty chasing dinos down because they keep running into the buildings and getting obscured when the 3D mechanic says “hold on, this is a building - got to keep it intact”, or the dino gets spawned INSIDE the building itself.

It’s annoying at times, but possibly has more to do with Ludia using Google Maps as a base for the game.


Sure I will take some screenshots when I go back downtown. I am there most days and the buildings show as nice little 2D squares normally. It glitched a few weeks ago then went back to normal suddenly. Thank you for your response!!


There are some buildings, especially taller ones, that do not go transparent. I’ve had occasions when I could not even start the encounter because my view of the dino is blocked right at the start. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: