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Visual ideas during battles

Just some ideas to make the battles look more dramatic. Add blood marks based on the creatures total HP.
After receiving damage, the dinos could look like this

What do you think?


:scream:…poor Thoradolosaur. :cry:

Thank you for the suggestion.

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Might not be good for squeamish players, or any kids that play this game for that matter.

They can go play Barbie World.


Nice idea but if implemented it needs an on/off option for player preference.


Would be more realistic, but then the game would probably get banned in Germany unless a different version is made for it.

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You don’t alienate half of the playerbase because bloody dinos look cool. Kids play this game. You think most parents would be okay with this kind of imagery? It’s also pretty disgusting, so you’ve just alienated another good chunk of the playerbase: the kind that doesn’t like gory imagery.


Maybe they could add an option to turn It on and off then?

I mean, they could, but really it’s not worth dealing with the headache that comes with it for something that is just meant to look a little cool.

Yeah, the game probably has no blood effect for a reason, and that won’t change. Doesn’t mean that the whole world isn’t going soft beyond repair…
Man, I remember going to Jurassic Park in the cinema when I was 10. Loved it! These days you aren’t even allowed in cinemas with parental supervision when you’re under 13 to see a movie like Jurassic World.
Do you really think there are kids who’d get nightmares when their dinos get damaged? The whole idea behind the game is killing each other! So being dead is ok, but being damaged is not? I don’t get it.

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Maybe do the pokemon type damage thing? Not every hit, but bleeds or other status slowing the dino animation? As the health gets slower, the dinos move less? (i.e. 1/2 health they don’t pick their feet up as much/“pace” less, and 1/4 health they hardly move at all, heads held lower?)

I don’t really care about gore that much the game is fine without it. It’s better that there is none considering how awful real world is, I don’t want that same stuff in my game. I would rather have something that can let me change creatures colors or patterns.

I have no problem with gore. I’m just pointing out the issue with having it.

Update some creature’s animation like ‘dracorex/stygimoloch’ instant charge’ like they did before is recommended.

tyranosaurid’s impact and rampage used the same animation. I demand more dramatic animation on rampage one.

Or maybe make some different between armor piecing and defense shattering move?

Armor piecing = no roaring before attack
Defense shattering = epic roar before attack

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