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Visualization of (de)buffs


Title says it all, can we get a visualization of debuffs other that the little wavy lines that represent everything?! Because I just lost a match where I thought my distracting rampage was still on the opponent but apparently it was not, all I could see was the wiggly red lines… not helpful at all! Maybe something under the dinos name or health bar that shows what debuffs or buff it has and how long left.


People pay attention to those red lines ? Lol i just keep track of the turns.

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Yeah well I used distracting rampage, Stegod used thag, I hit rampage and run, he went first and full hit me with rampage… No SS in between should’ve still been on.


Better to keep track of the turns anyways cuz ull know the turn before that it will end next turn, which can help in ur strategy. If ur just waiting for the lines to leave u wont know until that turn. Keep track urself man, keeps u ahead in the long run


If he thago first he used an attack before u hit and ran


I don’t know about your case but these visuals are very glitched at the moment e.g. if you get hit with a thag and then a SS, the speed debuff visuals will not disappear. There are a few more as well


My post was hidden, but what I was saying is that there are issues with the visuals currently. Thag + SS will render the speed debuff lines a permanent fixture to your dino.
As Justin said though, just try to keep track of turns.


Well the debuffs in my dino wasn’t the problem, I knew I was slower, but has 18xx health and had just hit him with the DR so his damage should’ve been half. But his next hit killed me for 2k+ it should’ve been around 1k at most.


Was it a ferocious move you got hit with? Distraction only works on the base attack part, not the added ferocity portion.

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U said u diatracted rampaged first, and he thagod, then what attack did he use? u said u used hit and run 2nd. Either way his next turn after ur dino comes in distraction is over


Matter of fact u said diatracting rampage and rampage and run??? Hmmmm i think not


Ok it went like this, my Dilo used Distract, he followed that by thag, so I was slower but had 19xx health, then he used rampage and I used rampage and run, figuring his top damage would be around 2k and with distraction it would be at 1k, leaving me health to hit and run. But he hit for full amount. Don’t know how but like I said a dot visualization would be nice.


Well that shouldn’t happen… but the simple fact that u said ur saying u used distracting rampage and rampage and run with a dilo clearly says to me ur probably confused. Because none of the 4 dilos in game have double rampage attacks.

Dilorano has distract impact with impact and run
Dilorach has distracting strike with rampage and run.

Just as ur confused with ur own dinos moves, im 99% sure ur confused on what happened in this battle

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Yeah no. Not confused. I might have mistyped, but I’m not confused… it was distracting strike to rampage and run. You know constructive discussion is one thing, but apparently you don’t know what that is…


Anyways if u distracted first turn and he thago>rampage u shouldbt have died. That sucks. Video that matchup next time cuz ive never seen it happen before. I’d like to see that

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So I said the name of the move wrong, it doesn’t condone your condescending attitude.


It’s funny that they add all these features, the red lines, speed indicator, damage indicator… And all they do is get us confused! If it’s gonna be flawed, I preferred we didn’t have any of this.


I don’t know why they can’t just make a symbile for a buff or debuff, and when it’s applied just add it to the corresponding dino.


The symbol would probably stay there after the effect wore out :laughing:

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Yeah probably!