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Volcano Team Tournament

I propose a plan to introduce the inevitable (come on, we all know it’s inevitable) Multiplayer Mode with a special mode that would see a Volcano involved. Imagine a mode that instead of simply teams of friends versus friends or Alliances versus Alliances saw a different win method.

Imagine a timer. The Volcano erupts at the end of the timer. Whoever has taken the most overall damage loses and their entire Strike Team engulfed in lava.

Or this could work as a Team Tournament where you fight with up a Volcano and the two Teams that make it to the top battle to the death with Fatality style finishes into the Volcano itself triggering special environmental death sequences.

or maybe bosses(not apex) with volcano skins and boosted attack and defense and a lot more dangerous

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Don’t think it’s happening tbh, I made a mammolania pull this on two smilonemys and got flagged for it so I’m sure we won’t get any environmental volcano stuff

Wait. What got flagged? I’m not trying to get flagged for something and not see it coming. Are volcanoes offensive somehow?

Not a bad idea, but really I’m starting to consider a Volcano Survival Mode where we face waves of minions over and over and then a Molten Rex Lavasaurus.

Molten _______
New creature (real)…drumroll…Vulcanodon
Ignus Malus (Evil Fire) Apex Raid boss

No, just brutal-ness in general. I meant that to say I don’t see this happening

But… we have Blood in the game. They literally made watching them gruesomely devour other animals in Sanctuary as well as deliver big bites to other creatures in battle more gore driven, which I am not opposed to.