Vote Compsoscorpios!

Hello everybody I think Compsoscorpios will a great apex to add.
If you agree please tell me your opinions on it


Heck no. You want an apex flock with bleed and tons of distraction, with potentially speed increase and maybe even stun? No thanks.


Or even worse, deceleration immunity?


Another Carnotaurus hybrid is the last thing we need.


Sorry but you are wrong

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tell me why the other ones are better

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Because with the exception of Indonemys and Monolocevia, it gives old hybrids a chance to get hybrids. Indonemys and Monolocevia I don’t want because we dont need another Carno, Alberto, or Indom hybrid.
Keratolania and Geminideus have a really cool design, and they give old creatures hybrids they need. A flock with speed increase and decel immunity is too broken, just look at Preon. And the bleed and stun is too much and would cause lots of trouble.
Meanwhile you have Geminititan with Distraction and Deceleration moves only.
And Keratotitan with Fierce and Resilient moves only.
They make the most sense and will probably be the least OP of them all, which is how we want it.


How though? Firstly, Compso already has high hp for a flock. Both scorp and comp have speed decrease immunity. Both have the same damage, above average. Both of them have distracting moves, one of them that is alert scurry, which heals on alert (imagine a speed increasing, distracting, bleeding, healing flock). Simply put, compsoscorpius would be cancerous.


Why don’t you tell me why Compsoscorpios is better? Don’t talk about design, only how it would be ingame.


Oh yea cuteness over took me

all the other ones seem like they won’t do good as a apex creature

Describe how you think the Compy would do ingame. That’s not a good enough reason.


I my opinion I think Compsoscorpios is the worst option. I really want the hybrids for Stegodeus and Keratoporcus. I think it will be good for those creatures to see some relevance.


Let’s see it will get nerf like the other ones, Most teams will resits stun and D.O.T, As they do now. Speed? well like every unique and apex creature has a priority move that increase speed or damage you. Will need carnotaurus, and in battle there might be many counters. (We don’t know the stats) It might only have one fierce move so anything with a shield will help and if you can heal and remove the debuffs even better.

and creature with a piercing move and a group attack move will help. ardentismaxima, skoonasaurus, thoradolosaur, parasauthops, Troodoboa.

I think it’s clear, creatures like the Stegodeus and Porcus apexes are the kind of hybrids people have been asking for for a while. Indomemys is clearly going to use the Indoraptor rig, and Monolocevia is cool but I don’t think Albertocevia needs a apex quite this soon. We have two very good options here and I hope JWA users take advantage of this opportunity.


I already voted keratolania and geminideus, so no, plus, Compsoscorpius is gonna be busted at least, Broken even, worst balanced flock in the Game, no thanks


But a flock with those is just crazy and too much for everyone. And “Will need Carnotaurus”? That’s exactly why we don’t need it! We don’t need another Carno hybrid.


I voted the same thing.


Then it will get nerf like every "op"creature in that game that people don’t want to try to fight. ( I know I don’t try to fight thor so it should get nerf.)

What the point of a apex that easy to get then.