Vote for Adding Alliance and Ranking System

Hi there, Im playing since 2016 and I have a lot of fun. I opened this topic for showing @LUDIA that this game needs fresh features like Adding Alliance and Ranking System. Will be way more better if they consider these.


I would love having an alliance/tribe system, but a ranking system would be stressful. I enjoy the laid back aspect of this game and think if it did ever go multiplayer then it would be co-op. The idea of multiplayer in RoB has been spoken about many times and each time the conclusion has been that keeping it singleplayer would be much better. Not only for game performance but also because seeing other people’s Berks could lead to an unhealthy competitiveness and would take away the chilled aspect we currently have.


I love the idea and i really want alliances to be in the game and ludia should definitely do this. But i don’t think we should have ranking because this would impact the game some what negatively. But if we had alliance systems it would make the game feel bigger. It might make us want to play the game more. If we could also get good rewards from alliances/ benefits to this it would be good as well.