Vote: ideas for next updates

    • a switch to lock evolving dinos
    • a dropdown to sort dino collection via different orders
    • a lure or bait to attract dinos to your location (goat and fern)
    • another round of spawn rotation
    • matchmaking search opponents in a smaller range (no more opponents having 300 trophies higher than me)
    • open arena 9 and up

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Edit: a few options I forgot to add:

  • despawn timer for rare and epic dinos on map
  • strike tower with green supply drop

maybe another option:

  • strike tower with green supply drop
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one that should have been in the poll…allow us to do like we can do in the special battle event towers…allow us to see the opposing team’s dinos and manually pick our 4 appropriate dinos to battle with. this would avoid what happens frequently with arena droppers, where i get good but average dinos instead of my awesome ones, and the opponent has one or two tyrannosaurs, and/or an indominous, would make for fairer and more interesting battles.

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I have seen instances where a dino has spawned inside the strike tower animation making the dino impossible it click on (depending on the dinos size). Having it be a green drop with spawns and a strike tower could get really frustrating if they don’t fix that.

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Yep, that’s a bug. I think they gonna fix it no matter what.

Hopefully they will :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::pensive::pensive:

A lure/bait in my opinion is a rather bad idea. Well not bad but certainly not great.

Of course if you sit around at one location which a surprising number of players do, I’ll help you out and fair enough for those players it helps them.

I just think about Pokémon Go’s implementation.
They have incense (Bait tied to the player)
And Module Lure (Bait tied to a supply drop)

Most Pokémon players don’t use their ‘Module Lures’ because they require you to stay in one location for 30mins to maximise your gain from the ‘Bait’. More often then not it’s better to simply walk around because you’ll find many more Dino’s and no one wants to stand around for 30mins unless your work/school/home/restaurant is on a supply drop.

‘Incense’ on the other hand follows you around which is much more useful. That being said the effects of the ‘Increased spawn rate’ becomes redundant when once again simply walking around supplies you with much more resources that the difference from the ‘Bait’ is minimal. Pokémon combats this by making special events where certain Pokémon appear most frequently. These certain Pokémon are usually valuable so people make use of these ‘Baits’ to essentially multiply the value from the special event which is quite nifty.

Although there are no objective downside to such a mechanic I warn you that it’s a rather boring one and unless made crazy broken I doubt it would be much more useful. Also don’t forget dart limitations.

I combat this with my own idea which is similar in its goal (which is to give temporary increased DNA gain)
What if we have our own version of Pokémon Go’s Berries. For those who don’t know before capturing a Pokémon you can choose to use a variety of berries which do various things such as increase the resources gained and stopping the Pokémon from moving allowing an easier catch.
What’s better about this mechanic is that it’s more interactive and therefore interesting. Imagine doing a strike event and winning three ‘Super batteries’. A super battery can be used on a single Dino to give you 50% more time to dart it. Next time you see your friendly neighbourhood Trex you’ll make sure to use one.

I’m sure I saw on a post they said their team were looking into it but there isn’t much they can do.


Another option should be added:

  • despawn timer for rare and epic dinos on map
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I second this… I’ve see far too many epic despawn as I was trying to get under 200’ range. Show a timer, or lock the spawn when it’s targeted (on second thought maybe not… That one’s ripe for abuse)

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I hope for an excavation quest where you have alternative to perform excavate and extract DNA as an alternative to darting the ones that are available in your local habitat. Complete certain strike tower quest to get the tools and excavate. While excavating, player will required to safe guard the spot for a limited time maybe?

Some of these are good and it’s hard to pick, but I would say lures. I cant really go far, so every meter I can get them closure is gold.
I would like to suggest tho… make the strike towers have a bit more range so we ain’t gotta be right on them to work? The supply drops have better range than towers.
And no dinos spawning to be trapped in them. Poor dracorex was stuck in the silver strike tower today when I was fighting.

A lot of the strike tower issues would be removed if they simply disappeared once complete; I generally do them within a few hours of them appearing and then they just clutter the map for several days.

Thank you for this post, some nice ideas. I have a Supply Drop outside of my work that is just out of reach, so spinning it all day is not an option, but a prime spot for a lure to bring dinos that are within my darting range.

So many people complain about losing battles but so few vote for better matchmaking. :joy:

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