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Vote in the Totally Unofficial, Fan-Run JW:TG Poll

@Mary_Jo All props to you for going through all this effort. Some of the points listed on here are things that have really been bugging me regarding the game.
I’m not saying I hate the game, I still play it and enjoy it for what it’s worth. But I do think voting polls like this are a good way to gain feedback from players.

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  1. This shows Ludia that the community loves and cares for this game.
  2. It is going to keep them busy and the game alive for years if they implement 50% of the suggestions.

I’ll have to check it out on my PC at home later, but I’m having trouble viewing the responses on my iPhone… Can anybody actually post a screenshot on here?

This is a screenshot of what I’m seeing:

Cool idea with this poll, thanks again @Mary_Jo

It looks the same on my Android device.

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It definitely works better on a desktop… you can mouse over the results and see the full choice name. But yeah, you’d think Google could do a better job at designing the forms to allow for a “short name” to show on the poll results so people could actually read it. Not sure if you have access to export them to a spreadsheet but that often works better.

Getting a really good level of responses! I’ve added a bunch of additional options to vote on based on the write-in responses, but will probably say today is the last day for those, since any added later will of course end up with a much lower number of votes regardless since I’m sure most people won’t come back and vote again even if I put a reminder up before closing the poll in a week or so.

Expanding the park is still well in the lead on both questions, followed by more ways to get DBs and no/fewer mod tournaments (1/4 of players actually felt strongly enough that this is one of their picks for favorite changes). More ways to get s-DNA also up there, the brachiosaurus/land dinos is one of the highest when voting for ALL features, but falls back when it has to be picked as a favorite. New biodome still doing very well on both, just behind these others.

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If you haven’t voted, or haven’t reviewed your vote in the last week, be sure to drop by and finalize your vote today!

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Such a cool idea, thanks for the poll @Mary_Jo


Where is changing Dilo roars opinion? Amd give her venom in her max attack

You are welcome to write in comments at the end for anything you think should be added.

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Thanks for help :slight_smile:

I’m still not really able to see the results of this poll, @Mary_Jo… I tried using multiple browsers on both my PC and my Mac.

I am able to see just a few more words on the computer, but it’s not enough to decipher why the results are.

Can you or anyone else that can view the results post a screen cap with a roll up of the current results for this poll?

I don’t have time right now to post results- to see the actual full wording you have to mouse over the graph items. So a screenshot wouldn’t be any help.

THe one I love the most is not having cooldowns for creatures you haven’t used. For example, on one of the events today, I used Diplotator, Pteranodon and Prestosuchus. Managed to do it without using Prestosuchus, but it still went into cooldown. It was very annoying and made no sense, as I did not use it

I think this is a major strategic feature of fights.
Otherwise I would always use my strongest team in easier battles knowing that two of them most probably don’t have to cool down.

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I guess, but it is kinda annoying at times

Ditto! Great job.

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This is minor, but it would be nice if the “evolve” symbol would show up over the aquatic and Cenozoic areas. I forget about those!


That’s a good idea. I forget too and try to go through them but a symbol would be very helpful.

I dream, that we can choose our CoT creatures ourselves :smiley: