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“Vote Out” option for Raids ruins Raids

So you open a raid lobby, and you wait quite a long time to populate it with four players… Finally you’re ready to start the battle! And, as soon as you begin battling—everyone votes to leave. It’s all over in 30 seconds.

Why should we even bother to start a raid now? Losses are a learning opportunity that can help us improve. But in raids we no longer have the option to lose, because there are players who think they should never lose. This ruins the game for everyone else. What if I want to keep battling solo to the bloody end, just for entertainment purposes? If the game is no longer at least entertaining, there’s not much of a point to it.

At the very least, the vote-out option should be for Private raids only, where you may have an organized team with known members and pre-planned strategies.

The majority vote thing doesn’t make sense in Public raids with random players. You don’t permanently lose any game commodities in a raid, so what’s the motivation? At most, they’re only giving up a few minutes of their time. Why should I spend my time trying to populate a raid lobby?

Ludia has needlessly complicated the raids with the “vote out” option. Why not just allow players to click a “Leave” button and they’re out, and let the remaining players carry on with an AI version of the departed player? The move options are so limited that it’s practically like AI anyway.

Or, if a player’s creature is dead, why can’t the player just quietly exit the raid without interrupting the still alive players with the call for an abort vote?

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I have left raids with people I dont know. Its nothing personal…if you go to a Mortem Rex raid and someone puts in a lvl 23 allisoraus or a tragodistis and there is no possible way to win the raid or learn anything or practice, im sorry but Im out. I feel bad when it is people out of my alliance that I have no way to have a discussion about what dinos we need to use,but that is the way it is.


I don’t even enter the raid when I see a crazy mix of dinos that have zero cohesion or thought about what they are doing.

I’ve been trying to help out my old alliance but the amount of random dinos they bring in (always someone who likes using Indom to cloak when they are up against Smilo who has a shield :crazy_face:).

An in game chat function needs to be introduced for the raid lobby. We use Telegram to coordinate our alliance’s raids.

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Voting option is really great. Understand frustration of some players, that rarely get in raid or really like raiding, when majority opts out in still active raid.

Most of time raid is already lost when voting is initiated. Sometimes those minutes mater. Morty raid and Pyrri raid are tough ones, so many times require many repeats to succeed. Why waiting in an obviously lost attempt, if you can try again faster?

Some players, like myself, helps other players to win raids. That usually means several hours of raiding. With lots of experience from Morty raids, players already know that raid is lost if one creature dies in first 2 turns. Why wasting additional time, if raid is already lost?

Some of us (players) run giga scents and we are helping others during giga scents. Really have no intention waiting 10 minutes that lobby gets filled or that we finally lose a raid that was lost soon after start.


You’re absolutely right on all counts, but personally, those two are the ones that affect me the most. Was coming here to say the same thing! Been doing soooooo many raids to help lower level players that I also now know after the first two turns if we will make it or not.

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No way, this button is a godsend. Saves so much time testing new strats (I’m looking at you pyrri)

Just don’t start a raid with flaky people or bad dinos.


It should be that the person who started the lobby can start a poll

So somebody with a super low dino could start a lobby, invite all the top players, and lock them in until the end of the raid while he is gone doing something else because his dino was killed on turn one. This way, hopefully, when he comes back to the game, those 3 poor soul may have won the game for him…?

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Living and learning, for some raids, such as the Smiley one, I’ve learned to wait and not select creatures until there are 4 people especially when the leader has a level 12 creature.

This morning when this happened and I waited a while for a 4th person to come in and when no one joined, I just left. I wasn’t going to waste my time losing.

Definitely. If for nothing else than to organise what to play.

Yes but not necessarily. I was in a Pyrri raid this morning. Two players were taken out but myself the last player could have taken her down but because the two ousted players voted to quit, the remaining player did too, so bang goes a possible successful takedown. It was quite frustrating to be honest.

I never said my idea was perfect.

The vote out option is for people that already have the strat down pat and know when the raid is unwinnable.

If everyone votes to leave, there may be a reason.