Voting for favor game

I just voted for my favorite game of 2018 and I couldn’t vote for JWA because of all the problems with the game that Ludia will not fix. If Ludia fixed the problems I could have voted for JWA.


I gave it my vote. Sure it has its downfalls but I still play it for hours everyday I am able to.

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I will also give my vote away.
No fixing bugs (major ones)
No listening to players suggestions and really necessary things
Extremely expensive prices for special offers
So I will vote for someone else.

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Strange, for me it doesn’t even appear in the list XD So I literally can’t vote for JWA XD


I’ll vote for it when I get something in return. Come on Ludia, y’all know how this works. Give me 100k of that shiny stuff for my vote. Same time, none of that checks in the mail jazz you like to pull.

The only other game I’ve played is Scrabble, and now I play this all the time. Totally gets my vote! #notagamer

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I vote for Jurassic World Evolution.

Wait, what do you mean, “mobile games only?”

I hesitated for a second when I saw PoGo as one of the choices (it’s Community Day and I plan to reconnect with the local players later today), but only for a second - the choice is clear.

Yes, JWA has its problems, but it’s so much better for us rural players than the competition and has so much potential…

Ludia. you got my vote!


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I voted for JWA only because Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes wasn’t nominated :stuck_out_tongue:

Although, if both were, it would have been a tough call for me, I love them both. ^^

Wasn’t on the list by time I went to vote lol almost voted for Pogo for a laugh

Agree with OP.

Too many broken apsects of JWA are not being fixed or even addressed at all.

Cough…strike tower bases…cough. Why are these still in game and trapping epic spawns and making them un-dartable? They have known this to be a major issue for months now and yet we are still losing dinos to these ugly and gaudy tower bases even now.

Not to mention there isnt much to do in this game or much actual content. Dart dinos and fight them…rinse, repeat.

Only specific dinos are in demand, so we fight the same 6 - 8 dinos over and over and over again…rinse, repeat.

The items for sale in the shop are WAAAAYYYYY overpriced…just silly imo.

Could go on for days…but ill stop here.

If JWA has anything going for it, its the graphics. The designers have done a wonderful job on the dinos. These are some of the best graphics I have ever seen on my mobile device. Its just to bad they dropped the ball on the entire rest of the game and seem to be clueless on how to do anything right besides the gorgeous graphics.


Totally agree! I love how the dinos look. But technical part is so low. And bugs… It’s been almost 2 months and nobody’s gonna fix damage calculation, speed indicators, speed bugs and many, many others.

I voted for JWA. For all it’s issues, this is the best mobile game I’ve ever played and I enjoy it a lot.

Theres an update coming in a few days and I imagine theyve looked into these fixes, its probably more complicated then people want to see. JWA got my vote because even though it has glitches I play and enjoy it… And honestly a lot of the “they dont listen to out ideas” stuff is silly to me. No, a DNA exchange isnt a great idea. No trading DNA isnt a great idea… Etc etc. There are good ideas out there and they do seem to listen.

It’s seems to be regional/country specific: for me (Russia) it doesn’t show JWA in games or apps lists :frowning:

Which countries it’s available to vote for? :thinking:

So adding despawn countdown isn’t a good idea? Haven’t you ever been in a situation when an epic dino despawns in front of you when you were coming closer?

Well, damage calculation worked perfectly before 1.4
Speed indicator was also always correct. And stegodeus-stegoceratops speed issue worked great. They broke it two months ago and still haven’t fixed.
I don’t believe that it’s super complicated. Just copy-past some code from version before.

I struggle to understand why the Debbie Downers who rage against this game are …
A. Still playing it
B. Have the time to come on here and whine about it
I agree with @Kristi … I don’t play many but love this one so it got my vote … I then fused my I-Rex and got a 70 … who says Lydia don’t know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well, I like dinosaurs, I like this game in general, this mix of PoGo and battle system.
But I want Ludia to know what they should improve to get awarded. And I’m really dissatisfied that they don’t fix bugs, even the major ones.

I’m not trying to be argumentative but do you realise the complexity of an app like this and the requirement to work on so many devices … it is still a “new” game. I’m glad you enjoy the game but please try and focus on the positives and phrase the negatives more constructively … really really not having a go but no wonder the devs stay away given the hostility … imagine if you went into your job and faced that criticism especially when you are only doing what management tell you …

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