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Vulnerability Strike... Need it on Uniques

It is a completely abandoned skill/ability (as well as our forgetting Touramoloch).

It is a really relevant movement which combined with other dinos and abilities can make the difference.

Vulnerability strike + swap into a Counter Attacker would do important damage.

Every dino is focused on brute force and instant damage. It seems people don’t want to think and have to defeat a dino on 2 or less movements.

These days playing with an unboosted team made me think about all the wide range of possibilities we have on our teams…

Of course we don’t use them. Because Ludia doesn’t want to…

So, what do you think about this?


I like the way you think, would love to see any level of increased variations to the strategy. Sadly the Vul strike simply isnt enough at the high end unless coupled with something else, decelerating vulnerability strike perhapes? But then you lose SS which has its own place and uses. Its a complex situation to fully evaluate

Wait, what? There’s more to the game than CHOMP crit CHOMP crit CHOMP crit CHOMP crit CHOMP crit CHOMP crit CHOMP crit CHOMP crit CHOMP crit CHOMP crit CHOMP crit CHOMP crit CHOMP crit CHOMP crit CHOMP crit CHOMP crit CHOMP crit CHOMP crit


I wanna see more Exploit Wound on that note, and on another note I wanna see more Lockdown moves, maybe even a Lockdown Rampage


Don’t forget that Ferocious Defense Shattering Strike was hidden in the 1.8 code and found in a datamine so it should come into play for our next update.

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I do this in lower Arenas so swap in rampage does more damage

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It’d be nice if some new unique hybrids could have this ability with a kit that works well with it next updates

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Yeah, vulnerability strike itself isn’t enough but they should include any variation of it such as Vulnerability Impact with 2 turn delay and 2 turns effect for example…

Game needs more variations, more dinos, more strategy.

Just imagine the possibilities with a rending attack or wounds… It would be really nice.


I really think a pinning Counter-Strike could be big for the Gators

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I agree but also think locking impact should also have a unique tie in from the purru line.

I’ve been wanting the vulnerability debuff to appear more in late-game too, especially after using it in the skill-based tournaments.
If I’m not mistaken, Tryko had Exploit Wound at some point.
Anyway, one existing candidate is Spinotasuchus, which could easily be given Vulnerability strike since Spino has Exploit Wound. Wouldn’t be a game-changing modification, but at least it would be an additional option.
Exploit wound or a similar move would be great against counter-attackers, and also if used by one, especially one with a rending counter like Grypolyth for example.
The Scolosaurus line could produce a Unique that uses this debuff, or perhaps even the Miragaia line, just for the sake of damage.
Finally, instead of a direct attack, a creature could have a Vulnerability counter-attack, to make the best of the debuff without wasting turns on a basic attack.

I feel Grypolyth may get that move. Purro has ferocious and the rending counter, so to me, Grypolyth would be a prime cadidate for that attack