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Vulnerable + Swap-damage = True ❤️

New Update Folks,

Let us welcome the idea of being Vulnerable and becoming taget for unpredicted damage! :raised_hands:

Do you like this idea?

Where can I give a negative to this?


Maybe true love for the person doing it… not for the person receiving it. :grimacing:


Hate this update and new thing image

Have to review all the strategy I have , hadro , ardent , Mortem , Thor all change to bad

Yea the 2nd image has already happened to me. While I was one for a nerf to certain resilient’s, I don’t like this…

Yep @Moksha , I played one today where I did it to someone. Was not actually trying and then realized that my, now obsolete, Tryko had made them vulnerable. Swapped in Cera for pretty massive damage. The swap meta was already a thing and will be more so now. We’re going to see a lot more rats I think.