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Vulnerable to turtles

Okay, so that stupid turtle makes me vulnerable on the first turn - I get it. Does 1300 damage. But on the next turn when it hits me again it suddenly does 1800 damage? What’s up with that? It had 900 as the normal stat.

You are vulnerable on the next turn too.


Sure, but why can it suddenly go from 900 to 1300 to 1800 in two turns?

It says in the move description that you’re vulnerable for another turn.

Vulnerable yes, but it’s like you get twice as vulnerable

Because you do. It stacks.


Not fair :sob:

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So vulnerability stacks? I didn’t know that :skull::dizzy_face:


Its weak to chompers and rendering attacks. Also can’t put vulnerable on immune dinos.


If you mean 1350, then yeah, that’s because Vulnerability stacks. Whoa. I didn’t know it did that either.

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Uh, I think the problem is your team is full of high rarities or the ones you think look cool,
you need creatures that are immune to vulnerability and has high health e.g moschops, it comes with sweet revenge and its rarity is rare,
and yeah vulnerability stacks and is scary.

In this case vulnerability does not stack anymore. SV has been nerfed and turtle isn’t broken anymore

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