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Wait on Epic?


I just won me epic incubator (the every 15 day or so battle one). Should I wait until after update to start it? Is there a chance if I wait it would have new dino DNA?


Yes, you’ll have the chance to get new dinos. But don’t start it now. Start the incu once the update drops


You can start it now, just don’t open it till 1.7


That’s not correct. The content of the incu is decided once it’s started. That’s why op has to wait


Thanks! I will wait until after update to run it :slight_smile: Hoping that is Monday!!


I’m really REALLY hoping your source is worse than mine. (However I doubt it, my source was some random anonymous guy on Reddit so I may have made a significantly notable learning experience for myself

Either way I umm… learned something. Or will next week. :slight_smile:


I’ve got a 24 and a 12 hour that I’m waiting to start till after 1.7 as well


Experience it myself. In 1.5 and .6 I started one after the update and got new dinos.

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With all those incu you got should be a great moment to test our theories!
I’m gonna do the same. Will start two now and opened them after, and gonna keep two to start them after the update

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Sounds good.
For better or worse we will put it to bed.
For science!

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Um, I’d like to kindly disagree.

The night before the winter update came around, I had an 8 hr incubator going. When I opened it after the update dropped, I actually got some Epic DNA that was new to the update.

It wasn’t planned, but it was a wonderful surprise.

So you can have an incubator going, and wait for the update to drop before opening it.

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Thanks for your input. If you’re 100% sure about this, I think its settled then