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Wait or go for it

I am at lv 9 renown, one level up to go before 10. At 10 ill get my last toon, either reika or the new paladin. I would prefer the paladin as healers are my favorites and my impresions of reika is …modest.
So, the pala is comming, “after october”
Should i wait for her (?) or simply go to lv 10, grab reika and move on.
I can level my last 2 lv 9 toons to 10 and the lv 5 rogue to 10 as well so lv 11 renown is not far away.

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I Am Myself :grin:
I Fought Her A Couple Of Times, And All I Can Say, Is I Want Her On My Team!:dagger:

Go for it. The paladin doesn’t heal. My Raika can self heal by walking. For me, Raika is much better. She has tons of HP, does tons of damage and can counterattack. She can take out a whole party 4 levels higher than me all by herself.

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That Legendary Spear She Got Is A Beast!!! I Tell Ya That Much :joy: Raika Surprised Me With That One!!! :fearful::grin: