Wait period for battles and dna

Seeing the lower level arenas are crowded with 2nd accounts people created. Many cases 3rd 4th 5th ect accounts. Why doesn’t Ludia have a 24 hour wait period after joining an alliance before people can battle. I would think it would at least allow new players to have a chance and get some enjoyment out of the game.
Yes, I know, this is how many alliances get their 10 defense on missions. So I would also suggest Ludia take a real long look at missions and put realistic goals.
Along with the battle wait period, they could also put in a dna request and donate period as well.

This isn’t actually a problem as lower arenas are a lot better balanced than higher ones and this large amount means fewer monster fights, also most to alliances don’t use alts

Could not disagree more. Right now mount sibo is full of lvl15-20 epics. Has uniques, and plenty of legendary. This is only the second arena, so any new player to the game would be turned off pretty fast. The problem lies in Ludias missions and the high number of incubators and battles to complete.

While that definitely is a problem, I think the best solutions would be to contribute to your alliance as much as possible (or get into the best one you can be in) so that, through championships and other things, you gain those tools to complete

I do not see the problem with this. If they install the wait period it will effect only those people clogging up the lower arenas with second accounts. I know multiple alliances using this exact tactic to finish their missions. As soon as there is a 24 hour wait period it ends the problem. These same people are using those accounts to donate to themselves dna to get what is needed for them to make the hybrids. The only ones who would even be effected are the ones doing this. Hopefully the out come would be new players would not be chased out of the game.
On the same hand, Ludia needs to take a real look at how they set up missions with such a high priority on battling and incubators.
Betting that 60% of alliances that make 10 defense would if this was used. And we would see way less over night lvl30 new creatures in arena.

The problem is that the COVID treasure chase Incs aren’t scaled for the newer players, meaning that they can grind for stuff faster than ever. This knowledge comes first hand

Also @Phil and @Piere87, can you tell us exactly how you hit 10 out of 10?

What do you mean 10 out of 10? As in alliance missions? This will be the 23rd consecutive week at 10/10 for my group.

I don’t have anyone with alts swapping them in and out. I had a player use an alt just this week only while I was short a member but once I found one we dropped the alt. Otherwise all my members have always been static.

The way we do it is we work hard. I manage my team and if I notice a slacker I re-home and replace them with a more active player. I manage my team through my very well organized and structured discord server. Interview potential members before they join my team and they know what’s expected of them. I’ve grown my alliance in many ways since January of this year. I wrote a whole story on it and some of my team commented.

You mean from the start or just an average week in 2020?

Starting phase requires a lot of discipline. You need your members to hold DBIs and incs before alliance reset. Allocate members to to open at various tiers to reduce wastage of incs and DBI. Only a few members open their alliances rewards and the rest hold until tier 6 to 7 to ensure the DNA missions are cleared faster. Tier 9 direct hits is 10k so you need 2 days to clear that and every player has to do their part.

Defence wise, you start with incs as a problem. Then around tier 7 onwards battles.will be an issue so friendlies or campaign grinding is needed. Around Thursday, you need to.enforce a 10 inc and 20 battles quota on all players so the burden is even. Target to complete tier 8 by Friday before the daily reset.

My alliance has no issue getting 10/10. Fortunate I jump to a lot of alliances because of sanctuary. All these alliances are rotating accounts in and out and using them for dbi. Battles and incubators. Which is pretty cheesy. I would not think any legit alliance would even be bothered with this.
The same goes for self donating dna. Legit players would have no issue with this either.

I just find it funny that Ludia could simply put in a 24 hour wait period for requesting or donating dna. And the same for incubators, battles and dbi to count towards missions totals and the it solves such a big problem. And maybe introduce some new players into the game. Where they are not getting turned off by loosing constantly in low arena.